News & Upcoming Activities...

  Upcoming Lunch Meeting:

  o October 14th - Our next Lunch/Business Meeting is at the America Buffet, 12815 Southwest Freeway, at 11 AM. We meet the 2nd Wednesday each month for our lunch meetings.

     - Our guest speaker, our own Mr. Daryl Moss, will speak on Cancer: Treatments and Cures.

     * All attendees participate in a free drawing for America Buffet meal coupons and other valuable door prizes.

  Upcoming Day Trips:

o October 31st - Mary Brown has us another entertaining and informative Day Trip lined up. Our local expert guide, Sandra Lord, will give us a tour of the Houston's haunted sites, just in time for Halloween. Our Broomstick Adventure will use the Harris County bus to transport us about town. See the brochure for complete details.

  Upcoming Events:

  o December 4th - Our annual Christmas Party details are being finalized by Della DuHart so check back here for the brochure as soon as it is available.

  Photos Posted:

  o Story and photos of the recent club activities are posted to the photos page for your enjoyment. Check back often to catch our most recent updates.


  o Lynn Stefan heads our Sunshine Committee. If you hear of a club member illness or death, call Lynn at 713-344-1437 and she will send a card on behalf of the club.

  Vigor News:

  o Do you have news that would be of interest to other TIHAA members? Click HERE for a form that you can download and save to your computer, edit with a Word Processor and then attach to an email to TIHAA for inclusion in the next issue of the Vigor.

  More information:

  o Got a question about the Club? Now you can call us at 832-551-8025. Leave a message and we will call you back. Or send us an email to:

The TI Stafford Facilities Team has just posted a video to YouTube showing some of the history of the TI Stafford site. You can see it at Texas Instruments Stafford Cradle to Grave.

A Message from the President...

I would like to thank everyone who attended, and especially those that volunteered at the TI BBQ on September 18th at the Stafford Convention Center. A special thanks also goes out to all the people who joined the TIHAA that night at the BBQ. I hope you take the opportunity to attend all the upcoming entertaining, interesting and informative events with your TI friends the rest of this year and all of 2016.

I cordially invite all of our new members, and our renewing members, to attend monthly board meetings at 9:30 am at the new TI Sugar Land campus, and the luncheon meetings at 11:00 at the America Buffet We always meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you would like a reminder telephone call please let us know. A board member will call you with information on the luncheon and upcoming TIHAA events. Everyone with an email address on file with the club will automatically receive a reminder email a few days prior to our meetings.

The election of officers for 2016 is upon us. A ballot was included in the October/November VIGOR on page 6. The election will be held at the November 11th luncheon meeting. Ballots from the VIGOR should be mailed to treasurer, Jean Houston at the address on the form. If you can't attend the meeting, please mail your ballot in so we can have a quorum. Everyone present at the luncheon can vote in person.

Please take the time to mark your approval of the board's nominations, or write in the name of someone that would like to run for a position. We are having great difficulty in getting people to agree to run for open offices. Your club can't continue to operate and provide the service it does if you don't participate. The officers that have been serving are past their normal allotted times of service, but have agreed to continue to serve in their respective capacities in order to guarantee the club's continued existence.

If you would like to be an active member of TIHAA as secretary (our open position) or can nominate a person for this position, or any other, please let me know.

The following persons have agreed to serve:

President: Gary Luckett

Vice-president: Mary Brown

Treasurer: Jean Houston

Secretary: Open

I look forward to seeing everyone at the luncheons and all the other events.

Gary Luckett

TIHAA phone number: 832-551-8025 -- TIHAA email: