TIHAA Christmas Party at Hilton Garden Inn - December 2, 2016

by Lawson Cook

A total of forty-two TIHAA members and guests attended the 2016 TIHAA Christmas Party, for an evening of dining, dancing and visiting with old friends. Even though the weather was wet and nasty outside, it was warm and dry inside, and it didn't keep everyone from enjoying the evening.

The 2016 event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sugar Land. This was a new setting for our Christmas Party and the decor and the ambiance were terrific. The staff were very attentive and took care of all our needs.

Lola McMann and Della DuHart did an outstanding job in organizing this annual event. The event was moved from the previous venue because the Crowne Plaza Hotel had a change of management and upped the cost of the facility usage to something the club could not afford. Lawson Cook took photos of guests in front of the Christmas tree outside our room as they arrived.

Prior to the main course, attendees enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres of fruit and cheese and beverages of their choice, while enjoying the company of previous co-workers and the invited guests.

Vince Ramos, professional keyboardist, who happens to be Lola's brother, entertained us with a variety of songs from yesteryear. About 7:00 PM, president Gary Luckett welcomed everyone and wished them a Merry Christmas. He announced that the door prizes would be given out in intervals during the night's festivities.

As has been our custom through the years, Thomas Johnson said a prayer to ask God to bless our fellowship and the meal that we were about to receive. Guests enjoyed a tasty meal of green salad, Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and a delicious cheesecake dessert. Many compliments were made about the meal.

We had lots of prizes that were won by the attendees. There were a total of thirty prizes awarded during the night. Over half those in attendance won a prize! WOW! Thanks to Della for handing out the raffle tickets and Lola for distributing the prizes.

The prize winners were as follows:

Walmart, Target and restaurant gift cards:

Gwen Butler, Dora Morales, Mary Gomez, Linda Brixey, Diane Murray, Marian Gruber, Hortensia Garcia, Lucy Salas, Israel Morales, Shirley Callahan, Tony Leigh and Guerrette Roep.

Gift bags:

Susan Leigh, Kay Cook, Brenda Moss, Nora Morales, Bea Moreno, Bernadine Dennis, Gary Luckett, Patrick Callahan, Bob Gruber, Rudy Gomez, Jeanette Johnson, and Lola McMann.

Poinsettias: Corall Harrington, Della DuHart, Dwayne Anderson, Joe McMann, Daryl Moss and Mary Green.

There were so many winners that we couldn't include photos this time.

Thanks to Daryl Moss for photographs of the table attendees.

Here are our attendees' photographs at the Hilton Garden Inn's beautiful Christmas Tree. Photographs by Lawson.

Della DuHart

Gary Luckett

Joe & Lola McMann

Nora & Israel Morales

Dora Mireles

Lucy Salas

Mary Green

Daryl & Brenda Moss

Thomas & Jeannette Johnson

Tom & Fermina Sutter

Dwayne Anderson & Ramona Williams

Pat & Shirley Callahan

Diane Murray

Tony & Susan Leigh

Lawson & Kay Cook

Ralph & Estella Garcia

Charles Sumrall

Robert & Gwen Butler

Charles & Linda Brixey

Bernadine Dennis

Jean Houston

Bob & Marian Gruber

Mary Brown

Corall Harrington

Bea Moreno

Hortensia Garcia

Merry Christmas to all ....
.....and to all a Good Night!

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