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TI Alumni Lunch Gathering

The next TI Alumni Lunch Gathering is Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at Luby's Cafeteria, 10575 West Airport Road, Stafford. We always meet on the 3rd Tuesday each month at the same location at 11:30 am.

Hope to see you there!

Tarry's Lunch Bunch

For folks that would like another option for meeting with ex-TI'ers, perhaps at a different location, or on a different day, we have a splendid opportunity for you. Tarry Jackson has an ex-TI'er group that meets each month on the first Tuesday at 11:00am. Tarry announces the restaurant location (which will be in the Stafford area) with an email, a few days before. If you would like to attend one of the lunches he organizes, email him at, so that he can add you to his monthly email that announces the restaurant location. He needs to notify the restaurant of the attendance so they can provide seating together.

o Lucy Salas has provided the following photos from our past club events.

BBQ photos.

BBQ & Christmas photos.

Update as of July 2022.

The members of the TIHAA board met at Texas Instruments in Sugar Land on July 12 at 2PM to make decisions about the club. The decision was made to begin the transition from a club to a social gathering. The first such social gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 at the Luby's Cafeteria, located at the corner of Airport and Murphy Road at 11:30 AM. It is the plan to continue meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. An email is being sent to the membership of record to inform of this new social gathering. This is no longer a club activity, so anyone is welcome to join the group that assembles in a side section of the cafeteria. Look for someone you know.

Club membership has been dissolved and the club funds are being donated to local charities. Details of factors related to the dissolation are posted here.

Copies of the letters received from the charities are located here: The Houston Food Bank and The Fort Bend Meals on Wheels.

The bank account has also been closed as shown here.

Update as of June 2022.

The members of the TIHAA board that still have an interest in club activities met at the TI Sugar Land building at 2pm on June 14 to discuss the future of the club. Action items were generated and a follow-up meeting was scheduled for July 12 at 2pm at TI. After the July meeting, we anticipate that we will have a plan of action for the future of the club. The plan will be presented to the current membership after that date. We will also post here on the website.

We have removed the TIHAA phone number from our club listing, so it is no longer in service. The club email address is still active.

Update as of December 2021.

Just when you think that things may be on the road to "normal", along comes another setback. In December we have been introduced to omicron, a new COVID-19 variant. The board (or whatever portion that we can gather), plan to have either an in-person or online meeting in early 2022 to discuss the future of the TIHAA. We will inform all the membership via email or mail on the outcome of the meeting. Results will also be posted here on the website.

Update as of August 2021.

The advance of the Delta Variant in the Summer of 2021 has further delayed club activities at this time. While vaccines are easily available, the number of unvaccinated individuals in the population is leading to unsafe conditions, even for those that are fully vaccinated. So, the status of club activities during the Summer of 2021 are a continuation of the past months. We hope everyone stays safe.

Suspension of Club Activities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

During April of 2020, the TIHAA board made the decision to suspend all club activities until conditions warrant starting them up again. This includes lunch meetings, day trips and events, until conditions are back to "normal". We are not publishing the VIGOR newsletter, except for a possible Special Edition, until after club activities start back up. We will update the website and send broadcast emails as we gain more visibility.

The board continues to reevaluate the situation. We will use guidance from government officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as inputs from our club members to determine when to restart activities.

We hope that this situation will end soon and that we can truly achieve our club motto: "We Socialize Together".

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o Here is a link to The Grid's Facebook page. On it, you can see some drone videos of the current status of the site, along with notices about some of the businesses in operation now.

The Grid Facebook.

They also have a website: The Grid Stafford that gives some good concept photos of the final product, along with some history of the old Texas Instruments campus.

Gene Lacy found a video by Allan Webber with his band playing music in the Building 2 cafeteria in front of that little elevator back in 2009. Here is a link to it: Allan Webber band. Enjoy.

The old TI Stafford Facilities Team is posting videos to YouTube showing some of the history of the old TI Stafford site. You can see them at Texas Instruments Stafford Cradle to grave. or Additional Facilities photos.

The old TI Stafford Building #2 is now history. Here is a video showing the demolition in progress. It's sad to see our old buildings disappear, but perhaps the replacements will be of value to the community. Stafford Bldg.2 demolition.

o You can read these articles that were in the Houston Chronicle regarding the work that is beginning on the old TI-Stafford site at these links:

Former TI Site in Stafford up for a Makeover.

Mixed Use Complex Planned at Former TI Site.

Here are videos of past TI BBQ events held in the old TI-Stafford Building #1. Enjoy.

Here are links:

TI-Stafford BBQ 2011. TI-Stafford BBQ 2011.

TI-Stafford BBQ in 2012. TI-Stafford BBQ 2012.