Upcoming Events

Check this page frequently to find information on upcoming TIHAA special events as they are scheduled. Click on the thumbnail documents on the right to view a brochure.

The TIHAA offers several social outlets for its members. Besides our general meeting at the America Buffet Restaurant in Stafford, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, frequent day trips are featured also. Special dinners entice all throughout the year.

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Yearly Events

Three major events are scheduled throughout the year for the benefit of members and their invited guests. Events usually last 2-3 hours. All these events are made possible only by the generous volunteering of club members that organize and see that the events occur without a problem. Fortunately, we have a long list of folks that have helped in some way to make these events happen in the past, but we are always looking for more volunteer participation. We give a BIG THANK YOU to all that have volunteered in the past.

Following is a summary of each event.

Snacks and Bingo

Usually in the Spring, the TIHAA sponsors WHITE ELEPHANT BINGO along with SNACKS for the enjoyment of the members who participate. The cost for SNACKS AND BINGO are usually about $3.00 per member or guest, paid in advance. The snacks usually consist of assorted sandwiches, chips and cookies, along with soft drinks to make an adequate lunch. Members and guests are asked to bring 1 white elephant gift per person, wrapped or bagged casually as "prizes" to be won during the WHITE ELEPHANT BINGO, where play continues until everyone wins one or more prizes. We may also play for or raffle some valuable prizes as part of the White Elephant Bingo. After the WHITE ELEPHANT BINGO, members have the option to leave or stay for the SPECIAL BINGO portion.

SPECIAL BINGO for Super Prizes usually requires a $5.00 donation per card. The games are regular bingo except the last game for the grand prize is a blackout, i.e., winner covers all numbers. The prizes are usually valued at $25 or $50. The estimated total value of the prizes is usually around $300. Members are encouraged to invite guests.

Since Texas Instruments moved into their new Sugar Land office, we have held our event in their beautiful employee break area on a Saturday around mid-day.

TI Retiree Evening (BBQ)

In the Fall, the TIHAA helps organize the TI Retiree Evening, sponsored in full by Texas Instruments in recognition of the contribution its retirees made to the past success of TI. All Houston area retirees that still have a valid registered address with TI-Houston Human Resources are mailed an invitation with instructions to RSVP. The meal is a buffet, the entrée being delicious bar-b-que, with all the extras, served within an appropriate venue. Prior to 2013, it was held in the Stafford Bldg. #1 cafeteria. Since 2013 it has been held at Stafford Centre. A keynote speaker from TI covers some operational aspect of TI. Entertainment is provided. Well over 200 invitees have attended recent events. This event is open by invitation only to those that receive their written invitation in the mail a few weeks before.

Christmas Party

In the early part of December, the Club holds its annual Christmas Party, a semi-formal, end-of-year event, at a nice banquet facility within Houston or surrounding. Past events were held at Vargo's, Texas Safari Ranch and The Crowne Plaza Suites. Upon entry, a Christmas picture in front of a tall decorated tree is made (and later mailed out to the attendee). Then a multi-course dinner is enjoyed, followed by some type of entertainment. Recently a DJ spinning tracks requested by members has been arranged. Couples dancing, line dancing, socializing, jokes, festive atmosphere…all help make the Christmas Party the highpoint of the year. All attendees participate in a drawing for many valuable prizes. Upwards of 70-80 members and guests have attended in the past. The TIHAA Christmas Party is a great way to start the month and help to get you in the Christmas Spirit.