Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is eligible for membership in TIHAA?

A. Individual(s) who worked for Texas Instruments (and/or their spouses) in the past, and current employees of Texas Instruments are eligible.

Q2. What benefits do I receive by joining the TIHAA?

A. Benefits are explained best by thoroughly reviewing our website. We have open monthly MEETINGS at the America Buffet, sometimes with guest speakers. We organize three major EVENTS (evening dinners with side entertainment) annually. We go on frequent DAY TRIPS (evening trips occasionally to accommodate those still working) to a variety of interesting places. Being seniors and obtaining group rates makes the trips affordable for all. Everyone is charged the same for a day trip, member and guest. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter, the Vigor, mailed complementary to those requesting or without high-speed internet connections. It covers club activities and personal news contributed by the members. We offer everyone a chance to become involved, participate if desired, but mostly, to have wholesome fun.

If you still work, there are many activities that are scheduled at night or on weekends that you can attend.

Q3. What are my yearly dues? Pro-rated in any way? Can I join now since I'm eligible?

A. Annual dues (new memberships and renewals) are $10 if paid by March 31. Renewals after March 31 are $12. Eligible non-members that join at the TI Evening (BBQ) pay $10 and become instant members for the remainder of the current year, and the next year. Anyone that joins in Oct-Dec pays $5 for the partial year membership.

Send your check made out to TIHAA., along with a filled out copy of the Application For Membership form (located under the join button above) to the current TIHAA treasurer listed on the bottom of the form.

Q4. Who's in charge of TIHAA? Elected? Appointed?

A. The officers and each committee chairperson form a board of directors who are guiding the club. Monthly board meeting (open to all members) precede the America Buffet Restaurant luncheons, where the president steps through a pre-publicized agenda that is open for discussion. The recording and reporting officers and committee heads give reports on old (unfinished) and upcoming (new) business. The officers are elected annually, but can and do serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms. The committee heads and others are volunteers who are willing to do the job. The president has the authority to appoint to any empty or vacated committee slot.

Q5. How are dues used? What support does the Texins Association Clubs (TAC) give?

A. Funding comes from member dues and approved donations. The dues are used to reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses, printing/publishing/mailing costs and a stipend for guest speakers. Partial funding for some events is approved.

The Texins Association Clubs (TAC) provides liability insurance and other assistance as requested by TIHAA, but is not active in day to day operational aspects.

Q6. How can I obtain a copy of the club's roster, bylaws and duties of various board members?

A. All dues-paying members can receive a copy of the membership (names, street and phone numbers) and bylaws. Members interested in running for a board position, which includes committee heads, should request a copy of the Officer's Manual or the Standing Committees' Guidelines Manual from the president.

Q7. Being a member, what kinds of volunteer activities are available?

A. Members can help in many ways. Volunteering to run for office, serving as a committee chair or other support roles -- decorating, set up and take down at events, taking pictures or videos or creating slide shows, ushering or passing out information, making displays and signs, manning sign-in or sign-up tables -- all are necessary for events to run smoothly. Ask any officer how best to help and you're sure to receive an invitation at the next function or two.

Q8. How do I meet or contact any officer or chair with suggestions? Or just news?

A. Visit us for a MEETING luncheon at the America Buffet or join us for a DAY TRIP. Bringing friends to these activities is encouraged. Or use the CONTACT US tab above. Your e-mail will route to the correct person. To input personal news for the Vigor, send it to our club address: TIHAA Personal News.

TI Sugar Land Campus Update

The official ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Sugar Land office took place on July 23, 2014. You can read more at this link.

Local news organizations have done a good job of publishing stories over the past year highlighting the events. Here is are some links to several articles covering events.

Your board of directors hard at work in the new conference room at Sugar Land.