H.T.A. BBQ - September 13, 2007

* 766 Invitations were sent out to in-state TI Retirees whose addresses TI had, plus to all TIRET Club members. 173 people attended and, although a slightly smaller crowd than we enjoyed in 2006, it still was some 25->30% larger than years previous.

* Ray Simar, TI DSP Design Manager, officially welcomed the crowd and gave us insight to several impressive horizon medical market DSP products, pointing out that TI was "just building upon the firm base left them by TI's Retirees".

* A representative sample survey of people attending were unanimous with their praise of how things were done this year, and the many Club members who volunteered their time to help put it all together can be justifiably proud of their efforts. In addition to the efforts of the TIRET Board members and their spouses , some of the other TI "Elves" helping out were Charles & Sylvia Slanina, Glenn & Ligia Haworth, Bill & Nita Davis, Betty Parker, Edith Brewer, Bill Young, and Annie Johnson.

* Attendees were treated to a TI Digital Light Processor presentation about TIRET activities on the huge Cafeteria screen as background to the delicious all-you-can-eat BBQ meal. After dinner we were entertained by lively music and songs from the Cindy St Cyr Quartet. Then everyone participated in door prizes courtesy of the HTA and local restaurants. Again, all seemed to enjoy themselves and went home looking forward to next year.