TI/H.T.A. BBQ Event - October 14, 2010

by Bob Gruber

Lots of good BBQ and all the extras.

The 2010 annual TI Retirees BBQ Evening was held on October 14th in the TI Stafford Cafeteria. Some 224 retirees, spouses and/or guests, enjoyed the evening's food and festivities. The 2010 attendance was second only to 2009, that featured the 20th Annversary of the Founding of TI Retiree Club (TIRET). A slideshow of TIRET's many activities was projected on the large screen prior to the meal.

TI MCU manager, Keith Ogboenyiya.

After the buffet-style delicious BBQ dinner served by chef Jonathan, the crowd was welcomed by TI's MCU manager, Keith Ogboenyiya, who reminded us that "you left TI in good shape" for today's new leadership products.

The Azteca Mariachi Band provided lively entertainment.

Entertainment was unique and special: Jose Avila's famous and lively Azteca Mariachi Band, who strolled in and sang popular and requested Spanish songs to an appreciative audience for over half an hour.

Numerous restaurant gift cards were raffled off, as well as decorative table center pieces.

A good time was had by all.

Joining the TIRET were 11 totally new members: Mary Ann Almendarez, Robert Cannon, Mary Strickland Wornat, Gary Luckett, Randy Jordon, Bessie Phillips, Alice M. Johnson, Zulma Gunter, Patricia Oates, Lavaughn Brown and Tom Croissant.

It was a truly memorable evening, meeting old friends, making new ones, enjoying life.