TI/TIHAA BBQ Event - September 27, 2012

by Israel Morales

The largest TI Retiree turnout in Houston history enjoys the great BBQ and entertaining Fun Country Band.

Over 260 retirees signed in.

Lots of hugs for dear friends.
For the 23rd year, invited TI Retirees again arrived to celebrate the annual TI sponsored (BBQ) Retiree Event held in the Stafford plant’s mini-auditorium/cafeteria. Everything went smoothly as carefully planned by the board members of the TI Houston Alumni Association (TIHAA), formerly known as the TI Retiree Club (TIRET). Each arriving invitee (and possible guest) was asked to sign in, fill out a name badge, and pick up a small favor and a free ticket for a gift card raffle on the way into the cafeteria. Inside the cafeteria, a slideshow on the big screen scrolled through activities within TIHAA.

The cafeteria soon filled up, so the event was officially opened by Master of Ceremonies, Bob

Sign up for Day Trips and club membership.
Gruber, TIHAA’s senior consultant and BBQ organizer for many years. First, he officially welcomed everyone, briefly introduced the night’s entertainment—The Fun Country Band—and released a large, hungry group to head up the “chow line”.

Don't forget your raffle ticket.

The four self-serve buffet lines featured a complete, tasty BBQ dinner with pecan and pumpkin pie desserts, water-tea -coffee to drink, all catered by Prince Food Systems, Inc. Available were BBQ chicken, tender sliced beef and sausage. Sides included beans, potato salad, coleslaw and pickles, onions and jalapenos, along with a twisted roll.

While the meal was enjoyed,

Fun Country Band entertains.

Matt Watson speaks to the retirees.
The Fun Country Band played popular and classic oldies and later (during their official performance lasting 40 minutes) even rendered singing imitations of Willie Nelson and Dean Martin. The band’s playlist had been placed on the dining tables, as also were business cards for the TIHAA.

Bob dismissed the band, then introduced the evening’s keynote speaker from TI, Matt Watson, the Embedded Processor Marketing Manager. Matt also handles TI’s Automotive Processor Business.

Bob Gruber gets things under way.
Matt spoke to us on behalf of all the Stafford management, giving an overview of the embedded effort in many areas. He tried to keep his presentation to the retirees short and non-technical. Bob thanked Matt upon completion, amid audience applause.

Linda Moorrees - $25 Olive Garden gift card.

After the band completed its song list, Bob introduced the president of TIHAA, Lucy Salas. She welcomed everyone on behalf of the club, and then individually introduced the TIHAA board responsible for planning and executing the night’s event (applause) and guiding the TIHAA this past year. She highlighted the club’s activities: social and business luncheons at the America Buffet, its economical day trips, its free newsletter the vigor, and spring Bingo and Christmas Party.

Ralph Lucas - $25 La Madeline gift card.

She then proceeded to the door prize drawings for six restaurant gift cards, assisted by Ralph Garcia and spouse Estella. By pure chance of the draw, most all the happy winners were members of the TIHAA. CONGRATULATIONS – excellent dining establishments!

Betty Hayes - $25 Red Lobster gift card; Linda Moorrees - $25 Olive Garden gift card; Lucy Salas - $25 gift certificate; Ralph Lucas - $25 La Madeline gift card; Sarah Harvey - $50 Outback gift card; Don Stefan - $50 Pappas gift card.

Sarah Harvey - $50 Outback gift card.

The last order of the evening was to raffle off (via a single number drawing) the beautiful centerpieces, a small woven basket of colorful fall leaves.

Don Stefan - $50 Pappas gift card.
One lucky number, 7, (rounds of 8 at each table) won the centerpiece.

Lucy closed by pointing out the TIHAA treasurer (Gary Luckett) at a nearby membership table. She encouraged anyone to sign up to join the club, for upcoming day trips or the Christmas Party. And many, many did.

Attendees for the night: 259 signed in, but closer to 300 attended. Regardless, a record count. Seventeen new TIHAA memberships joined; 34 renewals. Gary Luckett and Mary Brown were constantly working.

Lucy Salas - $25 gift certificate.

Overall, another win-win situation for TI and the Houston Alumni Association. Thanks to all our members who called in their RSVPs, who came, and subsequently made this memorable night possible.