TIHAA Bingo Event - August 2, 2014

by Gary Luckett

Back L to R: Reba De Bruhl, Jean Houston, Bonnie Amoris, Israel Zamora, Betty Parker & Nora Morales.
front: Ralph Garcia, Della DuHart & Estella Garcia.

President Gary Luckett welcomed 42 members and guests to the Bayland Community Center for the annual TIHAA Bingo Event. Normally held in the Spring at TI-Stafford, this year due to the plant closure, we were delayed to August and had to move to Bayland Park due to TI-Sugar Land not being ready to support us.

With the help of many of the board members and spouses the tables and chairs were quickly arranged for the food, drink, registration, and for our astute and lively bingo caller, Don Stefan.

Thanks again to Susan and Tony Leigh for planning and bringing the snacks including pizza, pigs in a blanket, ham sandwiches, fruit, and desserts. Daughter-in-law Rhonda and Brenda Moss helped arrange the food on the tables. Estella and Ralph Garcia brought coffee and iced tea.

After enjoying the snacks and conversation we began the "white elephant" bingo. Don continued to call numbers until everyone present had won one gift. Then the boards were cleared and numbers were drawn for an additional 20 gifts.

After a short break for more snacks and drinks, we began the "super bingo" portion of the event. Unlike previous years we decided to have only gift cards as prizes, rather than items such as coffee pots, vacuums, tool sets, etc. There were 2 $50 and 7 $25 gift cards. For each of the 2 $50 cards we played cover all bingo. For the $25 gift cards Don called numbers until all 7 gift cards had been won.

We included a short survey to help understand what the attendees liked or disliked, to help improve next year's event. Attendees were generally happy with the location and the quantity/quality of the food. Feelings leaned towards having the event in the afternoon. A significant number of attendees would like to see both gift cards and prizes for super bingo. We will take this into account next year when we schedule this event.

Our lucky winners were:

$50 gift card winners: Ralph Garcia, Bonnie Amoris

$25 gift card winners: Estella Garcia, Israel Zamora, Jean Houston, Nora Morales, Betty Parker, Della DuHart, Reba De Bruhl

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