TIHAA Spring Fling/Bingo Event - May 23, 2015

by Israel Morales

Lots of good food for only $3 per person! Such a deal!

Wow!! What a pleasant three hours we spent at the Annual Spring Bingo Event on May 23rd at the new TI Building in Sugar Land.

Jean Houston and Della DuHart were there to greet all the guests with a sign-up and a White Elephant Bingo card. It was the first time ever for the membership to enter the confines of the new TI Building. And the lunch/break room is where we had "our party".

As most parties go, we ate first. And as in most parties, there was plenty for the guests to eat. And as bargains go, we made out like bandits for only the $3.00 we paid at this event. Considering that we had at least two sandwiches, chips, fruits, drinks, ice cream and cake, it was a steal. We owe this much in part to Ralph and Estella Garcia who made the rounds visiting several businesses to get us the best deal our money could buy.

Bob Gruber calls the Bingo, assisted by Gary Luckett.

The excellent help and cooperation from our lady club members helped Estella and Ralph lay out the spread in such an attractive and appetizing fashion that everyone was ready to dig into any of the variety of sandwiches. Members chose either a ham and cheese sandwich, a turkey and Swiss sandwich, or a beef and cheese sandwich. But food is not really all that this event is about. It's about friends coming together and having fun playing a game that all seniors can play -- BINGO.

White elephant gifts abound.

Gary Luckett then started the games proclaiming "LET THE BINGO GAMES BEGIN." The White Elephant bingo games went swiftly and without a hitch. Everyone won at least one of these funny, strange, or what the heck is this gift until they were all gone.

Lydia Barker, ever so gracious, donated five bags and purses to add to the games and winner's excitement. Spring Super Bingo, as we call our games today was the highlight of what used to be The Spring Event. Unfortunately, our great Bingo Caller, Don Stefan was not there to call the game. Don had pneumonia so it has been a tough week for the Stefans.

Filling in was Bob Gruber, who as an 80 plus year-old rookie, did a great job. After a few dropped Bingo number balls, he got the hang of it and finished in great fashion. Of the sixty-nine members who signed up, seventeen did not show, giving us a total of 52 present. And of those, forty-seven played Super Bingo.

The prizes were for eight Super Bingo winners of $25.00 gift cards and then three more winners of $50.00 each.

Winners of the $25.00 Gift Card were: Cheryl Fellnew, Bob Gruber, Kathleen Lyons, Sharlet Matlak, Jean Houston, Dora Gray, Della DuHart, Daryl Moss.

Winners of the $50.00 Cash Prizes were: Patricia Oates Collier, Mary Green, and Ralph Garcia.

Thanks go to all of the club officers who were involved in putting this event through. Mary Brown, our special inside TI person did a great job in making our first visit to the new TI building a pleasant one should be commended for a job well done. Bob Gruber spent many hours in this endeavor also.

Those who might not be officers but did lots of work in helping Ralph and Estella with the food spread are: Sandy Zamora, Dorothy Wanza, Mary Brown, Brenda Moss and Nora Morales.

Listed below is the results of the SPRING FLING/BINGO activity.

Members Signed Up: 69

No Shows: 17

Super Bingo Players: 47

Here are all our Super Bingo winners. Congratulations to ALL!!

Ralph Garcia

Mary Green

Patricia Oates Collier

Daryl Moss

Della DuHart

Dora Gray

Jean Houston

Sharlet Matak

Kathleen Lyons

Bob Gruber

Cheryl Fellnew

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