TIHAA Spring Fling/Bingo Event - May 14, 2016

by Lawson Cook

Lots of good food for only $3 per person! Such a deal!

Gary was Master Bingo Caller!

The new Texas Instruments Sugar Land building was the site again for our annual Spring Fling Bingo Event this year. A nice turnout of 49 members and guests participated in a fun filled time of food and fellowship in the employee lunch/break area.

Thank you, Ralph & Estella for putting this together for us!

All the pre planning and preparation was spearheaded by Estella & Ralph Garcia, as they have done several times in the past. What a wonderful job they do to organize everything so that things go smoothly each time. The food is always very good and what a bargain for a mere $3.00 per person - great sandwich, bag of chips, cookies, sodas - all to prepare us for a great afternoon of White Elephant Bingo to follow.

Estella & Ralph were helped in the setup at TI by a group of volunteers that helped get all the food ready for easy pickup by attendees as they begin to arrive around noon.

Jean Houston and Della DuHart were there at the entrance to the break area, to greet all the guests after they had signed in with TI Security. They provided everyone with a lucky White Elephant Bingo card.

After a time of fellowship and eating all the delicious sandwiches, we all prepared for the Bingo games.

Everyone was a White Elephant winner, including Kathleen Lyons!

Our President Gary Luckett, a man of many talents, was our Bingo caller this year. Gary got things under way and the table of White Elephants began to diminish as prizes found their new homes. Everyone received one prize and, as is usually the case when she attends, Lydia Barker brought an additional two briefcases to be played for at the end of the White Elephant Bingo.

Jean & Della greeted everyone.

Once all the White Elephants were gone, we took a short break and then started up the Special Bingo portion of our get-together, for those that wanted, and had paid their $5 per card entrance fee. We were playing for cash prizes of $25 and $50 each. There was a total of $300 - a lot better odds than the Texas Lottery. In addition this year, we offered as a prize, a free day trip for two at one of our future trips this year.

Everyone voted at the beginning on whether we should play straight through until all the prizes were awarded, without erasing our cards, or whether we should wipe the cards clean after each winner and start over again from scratch with everyone playing again. Wiping was the winner of the vote, which led to an unexpectedly unusual result. One of our extremely lucky players won 3 times and another won 2 times! WOW! Needless to day, it was a nice day for them.

After all the prizes were won and everyone was through visiting for the time being, we all departed with our stomachs full and our hearts warmed.

Thanks go to all of the club officers and volunteers who were involved in putting this event together. Mary Brown, our special inside TI person did a great job to coordinate our event with TI management and security. Unfortunately she was not able to attend due to a schedule conflict.

And, of course, a big Thank You to Texas Instruments Sugar Land for letting us use their building again this year. If you haven't seen the new building, we encourage you to sign up early next year and plan your visit for the Bingo Event. TI's new home is beautiful and modern, both inside and out, and is an excellent venue for this event.

Here are all our Super Bingo winners. Congratulations to ALL!!

Sharlet Matak - $25

Daryl Moss - $25

Richard Collier - $75

Lydia Barker - $25

Beverly Cayton - $75

Tu Le Dang - $25

William Croissant - $50

Tom Croissant - Free Day Trip

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