TIHAA Spring Fling/Bingo Event - May 6, 2017

by Gary Luckett

Lots of delicious snacks!

On May 6th at TI Sugar Land, 32 TIHAA members and guests enjoyed the annual Spring Fling/Bingo event. Again, Estella Garcia put together an excellent prepackaged lunch, with drink choices for everyone. Estella and volunteers Brenda Moss, Joe & Lola McMann, and Della DuHart organized the food and drinks in the break room at TI.

After the tasty lunch, committee chairman Gary Luckett thanked Estella (a small bow and big grin) and helpers for all of their earlier efforts. Gary explained that the White Elephant Bingo portion would be a cover all game with succeeding winners - no clearing of cards.

After nearly 25 minutes of calling, the first winner spoke up. The remainder of the bingos came quickly after that until everyone had won a White Elephant gift.

After a short break, Mary Brown gave us information about scheduled day trips and Lola McMann

told us the Christmas Party had been confirmed for Sunday, December 10th, at 1:30 pm at the Crowne Plaza Suites, where it had been held a number of years in the past.

The attendees voted to play normal, straight bingo for the Super Bingo prizes. The prizes were one $50, ten $25, and two tickets to any upcoming day trip.

As a befitting reward, Estella won the $50 prize. The $25 winners were Norma Gann, Howard Cameron, Mel Matek, Gladys Price, Thomas Johnson, Daren Welch, Sandy Zamora, Bob Gruber, Israel Morales, and Rosie Reyes. Jeanette Johnson won the day trip tickets.

Thanks again to Texas Instruments Sugar Land and Donna Manderscheid for allowing us to use the facilities for our event. We look forward to a bigger and better next year.

Our big winners.

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