"Be My Baby" for Valentine's Day - February 15, 2014

by Mary Brown

"Be My Baby" is the appropriate title for a play being seen on Valentine's Day. In this play there were multiple ways the title/phrase could be interpreted. First, it was a love story of a young couple getting married in Scotland.

Then the story turned and it was about the couple wanting to adopt a baby from a cousin in San Francisco so it could, "be their baby". When the young couple was unable to go to the United States to pick-up the baby, their respective aunt and uncle (that did not get along) took their place. And by the end of their extended adventure with the baby they were not only saying, "Be My Baby" to the baby, but to each other as well. In this production it was not only the title that was multi-tasking there were two actors that played numerous rolls and were excellent at each roll. And the stage sometimes doubled as two countries. With a little bit of imagination and a lot of scenery changes the director, cast and stage hands (average age of 14 years old) produced a delightful and funny play.

For all of you that did not sign up for this trip you missed all the ups, downs and ups again; however, we had a great group that hung in there with me despite all the changes. Those 17 diehard TIHAA members and their friends were: Daryl and Brenda Moss, Tony and Susan Leigh, Joyce Slanina, DeAnn Thomas, Bob and Marian Gruber, Tom and Cynthia Croissant, Mary Brown and her brother-in-law Drew Weaver and his friend Linda, Bea Moreno (new member) and her friend Hortencia, Jean Houston, Mary Lee and Howard Cameron. I felt like I was working on my own play with so many comedies of errors. It started when the play was sold out for the published date for the trip on February 15th.

Since, the date was changed to Valentine's Day, February 14th; the restaurant I had chosen was only doing a set menu for $45. Because I am my own Valentine and decided I was not worth that much, we changed to Schulze's BBQ which turned out to be a good choice (speedy service for Valentine's Day and the food was good).

If you have not been to the Cast Theatrical Company in Rosenberg I encourage you to go. It is a small venue it holds about 50 people. What I also found unique about the theatre is that it is on the second floor of the Vogelsang Antique Store. I would say go and see the play on your own; however, I believe all the nights were sold out. I'm going to try to go back to see the Melodrama in August or September. This will also be a drive yourself; since, I found so many of the TIHAA live close to Rosenberg and I could not get 15 for the bus.

Hope to see you on one of the upcoming trip!

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