A Night in Rosenberg at the Cast Theatre - August 22, 2014

by Mary Brown

The TIHAA scheduled a drive yourself day trip to see "Pure as the Driven Snow" at the Cast Theatre in Rosenberg on Friday, August 22, 2014. We had twelve attend: DeAnn Thomas, Tom and Cindy Croissant, Pat and Shirley Callahan, Mary Lee Cameron, Linda Matteson, Drew Weaver, Sylvia Cruz, Bea Moreno and her friend Tina. We were able to eat at the Ol Railroad Cafe. What a great location in relationship to the theatre. There is a door going from the cafeĢ into Vogelsang Antique Emporium where the theatre is located on the second floor. Not only was it convenient but the food was very good as well.

We took our few steps to the theatre where we found ourselves in the middle of a melodrama. If you have not been to a melodrama you should go - it requires audience participation. You see there are three principle characters: the hero, you root for; the damsel in distress, you sigh for; and the villain, you boo!! Oh did I forget to say you laugh a lot and throw popcorn at the villain and sometimes he will throw it back. Pat and Shirley were sitting by me and I have to tell you Pat has a great throwing arm. I think he hit the villain several times. When the lights went down I think Bea and her friend Tina threw the popcorn on the rest of us. Since, I did not take any pictures I could not prove it. It was a great time. It brought out the kid in all of us.

If you would like to go on a day trip please check the TIHAA website (www.tihaa.org).

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