TI Retiree Christmas Party at Safari Texas Ranch - December 15, 2009

by Israel Morales

The snow may have arrived and melted a few days before party time, but "White Christmas" or not, it was a great party. A slightly cold northern breeze brought the temperatures to the low 50's, but other than that, it was perfect for many who attended the TIRET Annual Christmas Party. Many of those attending prefer spending their Christmas in true December weather rather than in hot and humid mid-summer Texas weather.

The guests, especially the ladies, all looked super. The ladies in evening gowns and the men in their coat and ties looked elegant.

Once inside the Safari Texas Reception Hall doors, the guests could not help but feel the Christmas Holiday Spirit as they were greeted by the friendly club officers who signed them in, gave them their name tags and led them to the have their photos taken by the club photographer for their Annual Christmas photo.

The tables and chairs were decorated in white and red linen. Each table had a three-candle Christmas centerpiece. Nora Morales decorated each table with red and green Christmas shreds, a small Christmas stocking filled with chocolate and a sugar cane. This gave the entire hall an aura of elegance.

The nicely lighted nine-foot tall Christmas tree was a perfect backdrop for our Christmas Party Photo. Ralph and Estella Garcia were very professional in taking everyone's picture for them to keep as a memento.

Nora set-up a Christmas Display table that included a small Christmas tree and a Nativity Scene to remind us all that, after all, it's His birth what we are celebrating.

The party went along fine with MC Israel Morales welcoming the guests to the twentieth TI Retiree Christmas Party. Special guests of club members were introduced and a few announcements were made.

The DJ Michael Messina was introduced and he played Christmas music while the guests enjoyed their served dinner. Gradually he shifted to playing some of the favorite "Oldies" as he tried his best to play some of the requested songs.

After dinner Israel told a few jokes to the very forgiving and gracious guests. He then held the "table prize drawing," drawing one winner at each of the eleven tables.

The drawing went well consuming very little time.

Then the DJ took over inviting the guests to the dance floor.

The new enlarged dance floor quickly filled with couples like Israel and Nora who were dancing their first dance of the year. But, no problem. No one could hear any squeaky bones as they navigated the floor.

After getting used to the floor and somewhat getting into rhythm, the guests were ready for some serious stuff. The DJ then invited a few brave and willing dancers to dance "La Macarena." The second group dance that the DJ led was "CHA-CHA-SLIDE." That dance routine was a real treat for those dancing and those looking on as well. After that Michael Messina continued to play several songs to the dancers delight.

Seventy-three guests attended the party. This included attendees who were invited guests of club members.

The party ended with a very fitting romantic and Christmas song and dance. Michael Messina sang "The Christmas Song" as almost all of the guests took to the floor.

Thanks to Vivian Watkins and Lonnie Buckner for taking pictures during the party.
Enjoy more photos of some of our attendees at the party.