TIRET Christmas Party - December 17, 2011

by Mary Gomez

Estella Garcia & Brenda Moss sign members in, while
Bob & Marian Gruber help them prepare envelopes for their photo.

On December 17, 2011, 58 TIRET members and 12 guests, dressed in their Holiday attire, started arriving at the Crowne Plaza Suites around 6:30 p.m. They posed in front of a 12 ft. beautifully decorated Christmas Tree as Lawson Cook took their picture, ably assisted by wife Kay. After leaving their address and a dollar donation for the photos with Bob Gruber and wife Marian, each guest proceeded to sign in and receive their name tag from Estella Garcia and Brenda Moss, who were at the registration table. Once inside, the guests chose a place to sit, enjoyed plates of cheese, crackers and grapes and visited with friends. The cash bar was open for those who wished to buy a glass of wine or other drinks. The Best in Texas DJ's, Greg Zamora played soft music as guests socialized with friends. A slide-show of last year's party, provided by Israel Morales, was shown later.

The Best in Texas DJ's, Greg Zamora, played seasonal music for listening and dancing.

Just before the meal, Lucy Salas, club president, extended a warm welcome to one and all. Mary Gomez, party chairperson, explained the buffet choices and suggested the table line-up order. Lucy said Grace and everyone lined up at the buffet as indicated, where they were served their choice of Tender Sliced London Broil and/or Baked Chicken Teriyaki as well as three savory side dishes, rolls and butter and a choice of a delicious assortment of cakes. Coffee and Iced tea were available and a salad was on table.

President Lucy Salas presides over the introduction of 2012 Club officers.

After dinner Lucy introduced each of the Board Members for 2011 and 2012. Then she handed the microphone to Thomas Johnson, Membership chairman, for an award presentation. Thomas awarded a prize for having brought in the most new memberships to Lucy Salas, who had brought in 9 new memberships. Lucy thanked him and said we should all try to get at least one new membership each next year.

Party organizer, Mary Gomez, outlines the menu choices.

We then went on to the drawing for door prizes, with Ralph Garcia and Lonnie Buckner doing the honors. Mary listed the winners as Lucy announced the names.

The grand prize was a Christmas Amaryllis Centerpiece, won by Lonnie Buckner; a Lighted Christmas Present Centerpiece was won by B.R. Wilkins; A Bottle of Wine was won by Nora Morales; Other prizes were: Holiday Scented candles, won by Daryl Moss, K.J. Byers and Patricia Oates Collier.

Restaurant Gift card winners were:
Luby's - Estella Garcia and Brenda Moss
Gringo's - Kay Cook and Valeria Morgan
Cracker Barrel - Mary Lee Cameron

Thanks to Rudy & Mary Gomez for a wonderful Christmas Party.

Poinsettia winners were: Marian Gruber, Dorothy Wanza, Lisa Lensey, Nora Gonzales, Magdeline Garfield and Diane Murray.

Mary expressed appreciation to some of the club members who had been helpful in getting the party organized and for some of the work they had done. Lucy then said to start the dancing music and move your feet everyone, Let's Dance! Many of the guests enjoyed dancing to some Country western music, some Oldies and a few Spanish numbers. While some guests had to leave early, others stayed till just before 10:30. We had a good time socializing together.

No meeting is complete until Charles Sumrall speaks.

Thanks to Lonnie Buckner for additional web site photos.

Complete list of attendees:
Deloris Baugh, Charles & Linda Brixey, Eugenia Brown, Doretha Brown, Gloria & K.J. Byers with guests (B.R. & Carolyn Wilkins, Lisa Lensey, Herman Byers, Alma Pete and Susan Roberts), Lonnie Buckner with guest Davye Mable, Mike & Mary Camara, Howard & Mary Lee Cameron, Patricia Oates & Richard Collier with guest Magdeline Garfield, Helen Colwell, Kay & Lawson Cook, Bernadine Dennis, Estella & Ralph Garcia, Mary & Rudy Gomez, Mary Green with guest Valeria Morgan, Bob & Marian Gruber, Jean Houston, Annie Johnson, Jeannette & Thomas Johnson, Bea & Ralph Leal, Tony & Susan Leigh with guest Vicky Leigh, Gary & Luanne Luckett, Israel & Nora Morales with guests Israel & Nora Gonzales, Daryl & Brenda Moss, Diane Murray, Betty Parker, Gladys Price with guest Robert Turner Jr., Lucy Salas, Pearl Singleton, Don & Lynn Stefan, Charles Sumrall with guest Ferol Beer, Mary Thompson with guests (Merle Coward, Merlene Chandler and Ed Mick), Dorothy & James Wade, Dorothy Wanza, Daren & Jewel Welch, Bobbie White, Bill & Mary Young and Greg Zamora- D.J.

Here are our attendees' photographs at the Crowne Plaza's beautiful Christmas Tree, thanks to photographer Lawson Cook.

Merry Christmas to all ....
.....and to all a Good Night!