TIHAA Christmas Party - December 7, 2012

by Mary Gomez

Estella Garcia & Brenda Moss sign members in.

For the first time as the TI Houston Alumni Association, TI'ers and spouses, retired and some still working, of various ages, arrived for the annual Christmas Party celebration on December 7, 2012. Around 6:20 p.m., 67 TIHAA members and guests, out of 74 who signed up originally, dressed in their finest Holiday attire, began arriving at the Crowne Plaza Suites. Ralph Garcia took posed Christmas photos of everyone in front of a gorgeous 12-foot Christmas Tree decorated with golden colored bows and trumpets.

Ralph Garcia photographs.
Estella Garcia and Brenda Moss were at the registration table, ready to help the members and guests sign-in and find their name badges. Inside the festive banquet room were 10 elegant, Christmas-themed tables set for rounds of eight, with a lovely, small, lighted Christmas Tree as the centerpiece, made and donated by Susan Leigh. Members and guests were greeted by Lucy Salas, club president, and Bobbie White, membership chairperson, and encouraged to enjoy a plate of cheese and crackers and grapes and find a place to sit. The cash bar in the lobby served those who wished to buy a glass of wine or other drinks. The Best in Texas D.J.'s, Greg Zamora, played an assortment of background Christmas music as guests socialized and mingled with friends.

Mary & Lucy get the prize drawing under way with the assistance of Israel & Greg.
Just before the meal, Lucy extended a warm welcome to one and all. Mary Gomez, party chairperson, explained the buffet choices and suggested the table line-up order. Tom Johnson said Grace. Everyone queued for the buffet, where they were served their choice of generous helpings of Tender Sliced London Broil and/or Baked Chicken Teriyaki as well as three savory side dishes of Buttered Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Steamed vegetables, rolls and a choice of an assortment of delicious cakes for dessert. Coffee and iced tea were available on a side table, and a crisp green salad was preset at each seat, ready to eat.

White Ribbon wreath winner, Eugenia Brown.
After dinner Lucy introduced each of the Board Members for next year, 2013. Then she handed the mic to Gary Luckett, Treasurer, for an award presentation. Gary announced the top three recruiters in the new memberships competition. In 3rd place - Mary Gomez , 2nd place - Lucy Salas and 1st place - Bobbie White with 11 new memberships . Bobbie and Lucy would each be receiving a prize at the next luncheon meeting. Lucy thanked him and said we should all try to recruit at least one new membership next year.

Free night at Crowne Plaza Suites winner, Mary Young.
The drawing for door prizes was done by Lucy and Mary with the help of Israel Morales, and with D.J., Greg Zamora initially picking the winning name. Estella Garcia and Nora Morales handed out the prizes and Lawson took a picture of the happy winners. One Grand Prize, a White Ribbon Wreath, was won by Eugenia Brown, while the other Grand Prize of a free night's stay at the Crowne Plaza Suites was won by Mary Young.

Estella Garcia presents the Golden Bronze Wreath to Marcie Anderson.
A bottle of Wine donated by Dorothy Wanza was won by Johnny Rios. A Santa playing Piano donated by Mary Gomez was won by K.J. Byers. A large Bronze and Gold colored wreath from Michael's was won by Marcie Anderson. Susan Leigh made and donated a medium size Christmas tree won by Linda Brixey. A set of two small decorated trees, also by Susan, was won by Daryl Moss.

Nora Morales presents a Poinsettia to winner, Ninfa Losoya.

Other prizes were:

$25 Pappas gift card- Lisa Lensey
$25 Gringo's gift card- Annie Johnson
$25 Pappas gift card- Carolyn Wilkins
$25 Gringo's gift card- Mary Thompson
$25 Walmart gift card- Richard Collier
$25 Walmart gift card- Gwen Butler

Poinsettia winners were Gladys Price, Pat Oates-Collier, Ninfa Losoya, Lucy Salas, Deloris Baugh and James Wade.

One person at each table won the centerpiece, a decorated Christmas Tree with lights.

Lucy said "Dance" in order to start off the night's dancing. Charles and Linda Brixey led the way to the dance floor. Many of the guests enjoyed dancing to a varied selection of music played by the D.J., Greg Zamora. Gwen Butler started a line dance, the Shuffle, with a group of the ladies. Some Country western music, Oldies and a couple Tejano numbers were played. While some guests chose to leave early, many others stayed till shortly after 10. All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening out with friends.

Complete list of attendees:

There were a total of 67 TIHAA members and their guests present.

Marcie Anderson, Deloris Baugh, Eugenia Brown, Robert & Gwen Butler, Pat & Shirley Callahan, Charles & Linda Brixey, Doretha Brown, K.J. & Gloria Byers, B.R. & Carolyn Wilkins, Lisa Lensey, Herman Byers, Lonnie Buckner, Davye Mable, Richard & Patricia Oates-Collier, Lawson & Kay Cook, Lee & Delma Hogan-Cotton, Tom & Cindy Croissant, Bernadine Dennis, Ralph & Estella Garcia, Rudy & Mary Gomez, Bob & Marian Gruber, Sarah Harvey, Eurlene Hines, Jean Houston, Annie Johnson, Thomas & Jeannette Johnson, Ralph & Bea Leal, Tony & Susan Leigh, Vicky Leigh, Gary Luckett, Israel & Nora Morales, Daryl & Brenda Moss, Betty Parker, Gladys Price, Gurrette Roep, Ninfa Losoya, Lucy Salas, Charles Sumrall, Ferol Beer, Mary Thompson, Ted Curby, James & Dorothy Wade, Dorothy Wanza, Daren & Jewel Welch, Bobbie White, George Wolf, Bill & Mary Young, and Greg Zamora - D.J.

Prize Winners:

Here are our attendees' photographs at the Crowne Plaza's beautiful Christmas Tree, thanks to photographer Ralph Garcia.

Merry Christmas to all ....
.....and to all a Good Night!