TIHAA Christmas Party - December 12, 2014

by Gary Luckett

Della and Gary kept the raffle going throughout the evening.
47 TIHAA members and guests gathered for an evening of dining, dancing, camaraderie and prizes at the Crowne Plaza hotel again this year. Thanks again to Della DuHart who did an outstanding job in organizing this annual event.

The table is loaded with raffle prizes.

Lawson Cook took pictures of the arriving guests in front of the large,beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

Guests enjoyed the hors d'hoeuvres of cheese, crackers, and grapes along with a beverage of their choice while exchanging holiday good wishes with all those attending.

D.J. Rock played an assortment of background Christmas music for the enjoyment of all guests.

About 7 PM, president Gary Luckett welcomed everyone and wished them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He announced that gifts would be raffled off throughout the evenings festivities.

Tom Johnson said grace for the meal we were about to receive.

Guests enjoyed a meal of a salad, Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Champagne Sauce, as well as side dishes of Rosemary Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Vegetables, rolls and a choice of delicious desserts.

Prize winners were:

Walmart gift cards: Bill Young, Joe McMann, Dorothy Wanza, D. J. Rock

Outback gift cards: Nora Morales, Kay Cook

Christmas centerpieces: Lawson Cook, Lola McMann

Tool bag & tools: Israel Morales

Travel mug sets: Linda Brixey, Richard Collier, Bob Gruber, Charles Summrall

Ghiradelli chocolate: Rudy Gomez

Large serving tray: Patrick Callahan

Poinsettias: Jean Houston, Fermina Sutter, Mary Gomez, Eugenia Brown, Jewel Welch, Marian Gruber, Isabel Rangel, Mary Green, Sarah Harvey, Della DuHart

Here are our attendees' photographs at the Crowne Plaza's beautiful Christmas Tree, thanks to photographer Lawson Cook.

Sarah Harvey

Dorothy Wanza

Thomas & Jeannette Johnson

Mary Green

Daren & Jewel Welch

Deloris Baugh

Bill & Mary Young

Tom & Fermina Sutter

Israel & Nora Morales

Dora Mireles

Pat & Shirley Callahan

Daryl & Brenda Moss

Lawson & Kay Cook

Gary Luckett

Bob & Marian Gruber

Ralph & Estella Garcia

Annie Johnson

Rudy & Mary Gomez

Jean Houston

Eugenia Brown

Joe & Lola McMann

Kaye Rios & Isabel Rangel

Richard & Patricia Oates-Collier

Charles & Linda Brixey

Della DuHart

Charles Sumrall & Ferol Beer

Annette Jordan

Bobbie White

Diane Murray

Mary Brown

Merry Christmas to all ....
.....and to all a Good Night!

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