TIHAA Christmas Party - December 4, 2015

by Della DuHart

Della and Gary kept the raffle going throughout the evening.

The TIHAA Christmas Party was held again at the Crowne Plaza Suites on the Southwest Freeway near Sugar Land, with a total of 60 members and guests, dressed in their finest attire and ready to party.

Upon arriving, photos were taken in front of the lovely Christmas tree by Lawson Cook. You will see them in the next few pages.

Attendees were then greeted at the sign-in table by Dorothy Wanza, who had a smile on her face that let you know that it was going to be an evening to enjoy. And of course, just around the corner was a cash bar opened to those who desired to have something stronger than tea or coffee.

As we entered the party room, D.J. Rock started the music and we knew then it was time to get our grove on. The room was nicely decorated with fancy tables, lots of gifts, good food and most of all, people who LOVE to socialize together.

We were graced by the blessing of the food by Thomas Johnson. After getting full of a tasty dinner and some of us unable to move right, we sat and talked for a while.

Then it was time for Santa's helpers, Della DuHart and Gary Luckett to hand out gifts from that lucky bowl, if your name was pulled.

Before the night was over, some of our more athletic attendees took to the dance floor for a little line dancing to the music.

Guests enjoyed a meal of a salad, Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Champagne Sauce, as well as side dishes of Rosemary Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Vegetables, rolls and a choice of delicious desserts.

Our Prize winners:

Wal-Mart Gift Cards:

- Betty Parker, William Young, Debra Williams, Diane Murray, Della DuHart, Bernadine Dennis. ($25.00)

Pappadeaux Gift Cards:

- Patrick Callahan, Rudy Gomez. ($25.00) - Shirley Callahan ($50.00)

{Boy check out Mr. and Mrs. Callahan -- Big Winners!!}

Christmas Bow Lights:

- Jewel Welch (Donated by Mary Gomez)

Crystal Hurricane Vases:

- Marian Gruber, Annie Johnson (Donated by Della DuHart)

Bottle of Wine:

- Gladys Price (Donated by Dorothy Wanza)


- Sarita Parker, Charles Brixey, Betty Grant, Gladys Jackson, Linda Brixey, Ariden Williams, Mary Green, Jeannette Johnson, Brenda Moss, Richard Collier.

Each Table Gifts:

- Mary Young, Gladys Jackson, Charles Brixey, Dora Mireles, Sandy Ramiez, Claressia Banks, Gladys Price, Sarita Parker.

(Donated and Made by Della DuHart - A Jar of your Favorite Planters Nuts.)

I would like to thank everyone who attend from Annie's Cottage, teaching us the latest line dance steps. We really had fun. I know Nora Morales and neighbor Dora Morales enjoyed learning the steps.

And a special thanks to every one who attended this years gala.

Betty Parker

Sarita Parker

William Young

Marian Gruber

Patrick Callahan

Charles Brixey

Jewel Welch

Betty Grant

Bernadine Dennis

Debra Williams

Rudy Gomez

Gladys Jackson

Linda Brixey

Aldin Williams

Annie Johnson

Mary Green

Jeannette Johnson

Brenda Moss

Richard Collier

Della DuHart

Diane Murray

Shirley Callahan

Gladys Price

Here are our attendees' photographs at the Crowne Plaza's beautiful Christmas Tree, thanks to photographer Lawson Cook.

Gary Luckett

Gloria & K.J. Bowers

Dora Mirales

Nora & Israel Morales

Gladys Price

Helen Colwell

Deloris Baugh

Lisa Linsey

Herman Byers

Mary Green

Sarah Harvey

Carolyn Wilkins

Della DuHart

Annie Johnson

Eugenia Brown

Shirley & Patrick Callahan

Sebrena Obdie

Dorothy Wanza

Diane Murray

Charles & Sylvia Slanina

Richard & Patricia Collier

Thomas & Jeannette Johnson

Daren & Jewel Welch

Bob & Marion Gruber

Mary & Bill Young

Annette & Jerry Tolbert

Bernadine Dennis

Daryl & Brenda Moss

Linda & Charles Brixey

Betty Parker & Sarita Parker

Eurlene Hines

Bobbie White

Lawson & Kay Cook

Jean Houston

Gwen Dickey

Delma Hogan Cotton

Gladys Jackson

Debra Williams & Aldin Williams

Pete & Sandy Ramirez

Merry Christmas to all ....
.....and to all a Good Night!

Copyright TI Houston Alumni Association 2016, All Rights Reserved.