TIHAA Christmas Party - December 10, 2017
by Lola McMann
A total of 51 TIHAA members and their guests attended the 2017 TIHAA Christmas party.
This was our first daytime Christmas party and we were
able to have it again at the Crown Plaza Suites Hotel. The
afternoon of dining, dancing and visiting with old friends
was enjoyed by all. The weather was crisp and sunny and
made the commute more accessible.
Members were able to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres of cheese
and cracker while waiting for the wonderful meal that
consisted of chicken & beef and all the sides.
Thomas Johnson prayed and asked God to bless our
fellowship and the meal. The food was delicious and you
could go back for seconds. It was enjoyed
by all. Compliments were abundant. A free
bottle of wine or champagne was on all the
tables which made the deal even sweeter.
Lawson Cook took photos of the guests in
front of the Christmas tree in the lobby as
they arrived.
We had a local DJ play songs of
yesteryear but people were more
interested in visiting with old friends and
co-workers most of the time.
Ex-president Gary Luckett announced that drawings for the door prizes would be split into two segments.
A total of 25 gifts were won by the attendees. Thanks to Lola for handing out the prizes. The prize winners
were as follows:
Gift cards for restaurants, Amazon and iTunes were won by Marian Gruber, George Wolf, Linda Brixey,
Daryl Moss, Ed Eckhardt, Jean Houston, Helen Colwell, Della DuHart and Thomas Johnson.
Poinsettias were won by Doris Lee, Susan Leigh, Betty Dixon, Jeanette Johnson, Estella Garcia, Jewel
Welch, Sabrina Obidi,
Fermina Sutter, Shelly
Bass, Diane Murray, Israel
Morales and Daren Welch.
Other gifts were won by
Tom Sutter, Patsy Harris,
Bernadine Dennis and
Mary Gomez.
One of the perks of having
the party at the Crown
Plaza Suites was a free
room for a night in the
hotel. It could be used by
anyone that lives out of
town the same day, but
since no one claimed it, it
was given away as a door
prize. The winner of the free room was Annie Johnson. The room can be used anytime.
Many thanks to Lola McMann for organizing this event and to Della DuHart for taking care of the sign-in as
guests arrived
Dora Mireles
Israel & Nora Morales
Diane Murray
Thomas & Jeannette Johnson
Lonnie Buckner & Shellye Bass
Brenda & Daryl Moss
Gladys Price
Deloris Baugh
Susan & Tony Leigh
Tom & Fermina Sutter
Marian & Bob Gruber
Linda & Charles Brixey
Gary Luckett
Estella & Ralph Garcia
Gurrette Roep
Bernadine Dennis
Betty Parker
Doris Lee
Pat Harris
Lola & Joe McMann
Daren & Jewel Welch
Jean Houston
Annie Johnson
Sabrina Obidi
Dorothy Wanza
Lucy Salas
Helen Colwell
Lawson & Kay Cook
Eugenia Brown
Mary & Rudy Gomez
Masumi & Ed Eckhardt
Corall Harrington
Charles Sumrall
George Wolf
Della DuHart
Ninfa Losoya
If your photo is not included here, that means you were not at the 2017
Betty Dixon
TIHAA Christmas Party.
Why don’t you plan to change that in 2018?
Or better yet, why don’t you plan to attend a monthly Lunch Meeting at
America Buffet and any of the other club activities coming up this year.
The TIHAA Board wishes you a Happy New Year!
Our Gift Winners: