The Last Casino Coushatta Trip from TI Stafford - May 3, 2014

by Mary Brown

It is hard to believe that this was the Last Coushatta Trip from the TI Stafford location. If and when we do another Coushatta Trip it will be from the New Sugar Land location. Thanks to everyone that came on the May 3rd Coushatta trip! I hope you had as good a time as I did. We had 45 people to participate. It was wonderful to have so many TIHAA members, family and friends on the bus: Mary and Rudy Gomez, Mary's sister, Alice and her niece Suzanna, Gloria Byers, her sleepy granddaughter (that I appreciate very much for showing up), her friends Carolyn, Lisa, Odis, Demetrice, Marquez, Diana, Chatanyce, Gwen and Robert Butler, Patricia and Richard Collier, Roland and Avelina DeMeza, Gary and Luanne Luckett, James and Jan Paterson, Matha Adams, Mona Williams, Tom and Cynthia Crossiant, Gwen Dickey and friends Edward and Stella, Lilly and Ismael Milstead, DeAnn Thomas, Joyce Slanina, Doris and Joseph Lee, Tina, Bea Moreno's friend, Lee, Bobbie White's friend, Nathakumar and Manjunath (young TI contractors from India),

and last of all, myself and my friends Sylvia and Denise. However, as you can see by the numbers this trip would not have been successful without the friends and relatives of our members. So, to all of you that shared this trip with others, I want to let you know how you helped to make the trip feasible and to say, "Thanks so much!" I believe if you talk to the people that went on the trip, the 3 hour bus ride did not seem so long with all the activity going on inside the bus. Sausage kolaches were served along with a variety of donuts, coffee and juice for the light breakfast. We played bingo on the way to the casino. When 4pm arrived I had all 45 passengers back aboard the coach (bus). No one was going home in a limo due to their big winnings. The ride back to TI was again filled with more food (ask the participants about COOKIE TIME) and bingo. I'm sorry if you missed this trip. It was great! However, there will be more opportunities. JOIN US!

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