Fort Bend Symphony - May 22, 2011
by Israel Morales

When many of us signed up for our Club's Day Trip to attend the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra's “A Night at the Movies” we didn't imagine that we would be treated to such an exceptional event. The auditorium was almost completely sold out and the number of people attending told us that this was going to be something special. AND IT WAS!

Seventeen retirees attended.

The orchestra was conducted by the very young Music Director Dr. Hector Aguero. Aguero is also the Director of Orchestras at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. Aguero, who was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, has earned degrees in conducting from the Texas Tech University School of Music in Lubbock and the University of Houston's Moore School of Music. Aguero was ably assisted by Dr. Dominique Royem, Assistant Conductor. Royem is also conductor of Bayou City Concert Musicals where she has conducted a number of critically acclaimed productions.

Stafford Centre.

The purpose of the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra is to create and maintain a non-profit community musical ensemble which offers qualified instrumentalists an opportunity to perform symphonic music, fosters music education, and provides a venue for talented vocal, instrumental, and choreographic soloists.

One such outstanding violin soloist is Nina Sandberg, 16, a junior at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts. She performed Violin Concerto No. 3 in B minor, Op. 61.

The stars of the concert, unfortunately were not there. The composers who shaped the music of the cinemas: Camille Saint-Saens, Alfred Newman, John Williams, Ralph Hermann, Harry Alford, Max Steiner, Chuck Sayre and Calvin Custer wrote the music.

Then, of course, there were the musicians - fifty of them. The FBSO includes people of all ages. Some are advanced students who strive for an opportunity to play with more experienced musicians; others are full-time professionals who play in the evenings and weekends for the sheer enjoyment of making music.

We all sat in the auditorium seats much as one would at the cinema. But there were no screens to watch, just a group of musicians on stage to give us their performance of some of the most famous sounds and songs heard at cinema theaters.

We were kept on the edge of our seats the entire concert. Listening to music from movies that spanned 72 years and included some of the greatest film scores ever played.

The “show” began with a commanding rendition of 20th Century Fox Fanfare. Then moved to other famous songs like the patriotic Stars and Stripes Forever. Walt Disney songs were also included on the program with Zip-a-dee-doo-dah; Once Upon a Dream; A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes; It's a Small World, Mickey Mouse and others.

Next were songs from the Silent Movies Era. Imagine the background music of the lady in distress, tied to the railroad tracks by a villain and her hero coming to the rescue. Or a sheriff and his posse chasing the bad guys. This music brought memories of those old western movies of the 30's and 40's.

The orchestra also played theme songs of Gone With the Wind, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, Star Wars, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Adventures of 007 James Bond, The Wizard of Oz, and others.

You don't have to read music, know the notes on a staff, or what a treble clef is to appreciate music. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sound of the music. And we did!

Thanks to Jeanne Brandt for booking this Drive Yourself Day Trip.

Afterwards, most of us gathered at Luby's for late lunch.

Attending this day trip were : Bob and Marian Gruber, Rudy and Mary Gomez, Patsy Seay, Ruth Hiatt, Israel and Nora Morales, De Ann Thomas, Joyce Slanina, Janie Arizo, Charlene Chaney, Judy Bechelor, Diane Murray, Esther Ezernack., Lawson and Kay Cook.

Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella auctions off the conductors baton that will allow the winner to conduct the orchestra in one number. It went for $1000.

Join us soon on another exciting Day Trip.

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