Cruising Galveston Bay with the TIHAA - October 14, 2013

by Mary Brown

Who could have predicted that October 14th would be such gorgeous day? This made for a pleasurable cruise on the Colonel Paddle-wheel Boat at Moody Gardens. The alumni that soaked up the sun that wonderful day were: Diane Murray, Della DuHart, Jean Houston, Mary and Rudy Gomez, Gwendolyn Dickey, Lillie Brown, Mary Brown, Patricia and Richard Collier, Tom and Fermina Sutter, Bobbie White, Mary Green, Delma Cotton, Bernadine Dennis, Lucy Salas and Gurrette Roep. We were also joined by my friends Janie and Manual Cano.

Prior to us launching off, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Sunflower Bakery and Café. If you have not eaten at this charming bakery try it the next time you are in Galveston; however, be there before 11:30 am or be prepared to wait.

Our driver was great! He dropped me off in front of Moody Gardens so I could pick up the tickets. Then he drove the group to the back to cut down on the walking. Come to think of it maybe that was not a kindness - we all could have used the walk after our over indulgence at the Café. While I was inside picking up the tickets I kept hearing someone calling Mary. The last thing you would think of seeing is someone you know on a Monday at Moody Gardens in Galveston. But as luck would have it I ran into a Tier, Peter Manhard. He was there with is mother, son and nephew. It was great to see him and he seemed glad to see me. However, that may have been because I was able to get him a discount on his boat ride. I know when he got on the boat he was truly welcomed by all the people he used to work with. On a side note, Peter is moving to Richardson to work at RFAB. That is why seeing him was also a treat. After the paddle-wheel boat ride we all dispersed to the Rainforest. As everyone visited the Rainforest at their own pace it was delightful to see the diverse plant and animal life cohabiting. I believe the cameras where going wild drinking in all the color of birds or trying to discover wildlife hidden in the lush foliage.

Once again we were blessed to share a wonderful day with former colleagues, coworkers and friends. If you have not been on one of our day trips I encourage you to step on that bus the next time it pulls out. You may discover new friends as well as renew old acquaintances and maybe learn something new by the experience. Please join us!

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