Huntsville: Sam Houston Memorial Museum - August 28, 2012
by Mary Brown

TIHAA atendees at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum.

Our docent, Grady was a fountain of Texas history.

Sam Houston stands tall!
On Tuesday, August 28, 2012 eighteen TIHAA members (Lillian Brown, Mary Brown, Mary Lee & Howard Cameron, Lawson & Kay Cook, Sandra Coughran, Bernadine Dennis, Gwendolyn Dickey, Jean Houston, Daryl & Brenda Moss, Diane Murray, Lucy Salas, Mary Green, Mary & William Young and George Wolf) along with three supportive and dear friends (Milly Bergman and Annette & Pat Hawkins) started their journey back into time retracing the footsteps of Sam Houston at the Sam Houston Visitors Center.

The Visitor Center is adjacent to the giant size statue of Sam Houston that was erected off of Hwy 45 N, just on the out skirts of Huntsville, TX. While at the center we viewed a short film that described all the effort, time and talent on the part or the artist, David Adickes, in the creation of the statue.

Club members at the Visitor Center.
Around the base of the statue there are bricks

Lunch at Farmhouse Cafe.

and pavers of various medium displaying the names of the generous benefactors that made the foundation of this statue a reality.

It was time to move on according to our docent, Grady, for the driving tour of Huntsville. Grady gave us a refresher course on our Texas history and emphasized the huge role Sam Houston play in the foundation of Texas before, during, and after it was a Republic.

Grady also gave a little information on the town of Huntsville and the two main economic stimuli for the town, the prison and Sam Houston State University. The later would be visited after our lunch at the Farmhouse.

TIHAA members & guests at Farmhouse Cafe.

Steamboat House where Sam Houston died in 1863.

The final tribute to Sam Houston that we visited was, on the campus of Sam Houston State University, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Here we walked the grounds and looked into two homes that were connected with the President of the Republic. We were reminded by the docent that Sam Houston was a man that lived his 70 years with conviction. This is not to say that he did not have his hills and valleys. He is the only man that has ever served as Governor of two States, Tennessee and Texas. And due to his conviction that Texas should remain part of the Union, it cost him the Governorship of the State.

Our Museum docent gave a guided tour.

Join us soon on another exciting Day Trip.

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