The Burton Cotton Gin Museum & The Lavender Farm - May 16, 2015

by Della DuHart

Early Saturday morning, May 16th, a total of 15 TIHAA members:

Clarissa Bank, Sandra & Roger Coughran, Cindy & Tom Croissant, Bernadine Dennis, Gwen Dickey, Della DuHart, Mary & Rudy Gomez, Mary Green, Marian & Bob Gruber, Sarah Harvey, and DeAnn Thomas took off down Hwy 290 to the Burton Cotton Gin Museum & the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm.

Now you know of course our first stop was Buc-EE's. We all went inside and got snacks, looked around and took a potty break.

We then boarded the bus and continued our journey. Upon arrival at the Burton Cotton Gin Museum, we met our tour guide, Jerry Moore. He took us on a short tour and gave us a small presentation of how cotton was baled and picked. This led some of us back down memory lane - picking cotton. We learned the difference between picking and pulling cotton.

Picking Cotton: Holding the boll & removing the cotton only.

Pulling Cotton: Removing the boll and the cotton.

After the tour, a short video documentary made it a little more understandable.

Next, we moved on to enjoy a delightful lunch at "Must Be Heaven" Restaurant. Then, we were off to the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm where some of the ladies cut flowers and did some shopping.

On the bus, several small tokens were given out from the Lavender Farm. Those lucky club members were: Roger Coughran, Cindy Croissant, Mary Green, Marian Gruber, Sarah Harvey & LeAnn Thomas.

We had so much fun laughing and catching up on old TI times that we forgot to play Bingo! So, I just decided to give 3 lucky club members gifts. Bernadine Dennis, Mary Gomez and Sandra Coughran were the lucky winners.

Thanks everyone and join us again soon for our next day trip!

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