Leading Ladies Dinner & Show in Navasota, Texas - October 23, 2009

So Funny, Hilarious, Amusing, Entertaining and a complete riot!

by Israel Morales

The pleasant little town of Navasota offered us a great time.

On Friday October 23rd, thirty-two TI Retirees and Guests headed to Navasota for Dinner and Theatre. Entering the small but very elegant lobby setting, we were seated for dinner, a super dinner with all the trimmings. After dinner we were treated to the sell out performance of "Leading Lady".

The play is about two second rate Brit Thespians, Leo and Jack, who are down on their luck. They are desperate and need a break. Leo is driven to desperate measures when he learns that a fatally ill, fabulously wealthy woman (Florence) in a nearby hamlet is seeking two long-lost relatives. Leo browbeats Jack into collaborating in a plot to pose as the dying dowager's heirs.

Unfortunately, the prodigal relatives happen to be women. But this minor detail is easily finessed. Leo and Jack simply dip into their costume trunk, artfully apply wigs and makeup and pass themselves off as Maxine and Stephanie.

It began with a great dinner.

Arriving at the posh mansion of ailing yet feisty Florence whose proximity to death may be more apparent than real, the two disguised leads repeatedly risk exposure while inconveniently attracted to attractive women. Leo/Maxine is enchanted by Meg, Florence's stage struck niece, who's unaccountably engaged to a wet-blanket minister Duncan , with his own designs on the old woman's $3 million fortune.

And a glass (or two or three) of Wine.

Meanwhile, Jack/Stephanie is drawn to Audrey, a delightfully daffy autodidact who's kinda-sorta involved with the amiably clueless son Butch, Florence's unreliable doctor Doc.

This hilarious comedy was totally enjoyed by all. Leo/Max and Jack/Steff were outstanding and may I add Leo was quite a lovely looking lady. Unfortunately, since cameras were not allowed during the play, Leo and Stephanie were not photographed in their costumes.

In attendance were; Mary Lee and Howard Cameron, Carlene Chaney, Estella and Ralph Garcia, Bob and Marian Gruber, Susan and Tony Leigh, Israel and Nora Morales, Gladys Price, Patsy Seay, Rosie Sims, Nieves Semora, Charles and Sylvia Slanina, Vivian Watkins, Dorothy and James Wade, Judith Bachelor, Jeanne Brandt, Deloris Baugh, Marie Kucera, Margaret Slanina, Jim Mazurkiewicz, Annie Milay, Betty Pekar, Helen Schmalke, Verna Montgomery, Ruth Hiatt, and Dorothy Bigbee.

Winners of gift cards from Golden Corral, Chili's and Outback Steakhouse were; Tony Leigh, Patsy Seay, Dorothy Bigbee and Nives Semora.

We enjoyed a great performance and a great trip. We look forward to the next great Day Trip.