The Music Man at the Texas Family Musicals, Galveston - July 25, 2008

On July 25 a large group of 24 members and their 16 guests attended opening night of Music Man at the Galveston Summer Musicals. The college (theatrical) casting was especially superb, as usual.  Great score: story, songs, music, choreography and acting. Especially notable was the singing of Zanna Fredland as Marian Paroo (the librarian) and young Tristen McGlathery (as Winthrop Paroo, her brother). The latter's solo of "Gary, Indiana" just about stole the show, loud and long applause. Eighteen songs seamlessly fitted into the story line about a traveling salesman, a smooth talking professional con-artist, 'Professor' Harold Hill, who falls in love with the local librarian, then recants his deceitful ways and decides to make good on his promise to the townspeople to create and lead a boy's marching band with new instruments and uniforms. The dinner at Luby's beforehand was very good--food and service, although eaten quickly.
Attendees were: Tony & Dee Amante, Janie Arsizo & her 4 guests (Delia Padia, Rosa Linda Medina, Janie Castillo, Alice Avila), Edith Brewer, Don & Lynn Stefan & guests Ron & Manda Ross, Daren & Jewel Welch and guest Anne Milam, Lawson & Kay Cook & their guests Pat & Annette Hawkins,  Lonnie Buckner & guest Davye Mable, Israel & Nora Morales & their guests Israel and Nora Gonzales, Ralph & Estella Garcia, Daryl & Brenda Moss & their 3 guests (BJ Robinson, Milly Bergman, Rose Montgomery), Howard & Mary Lee Cameron, Patsy Seay, Bill & Mary Young & guest Sandy Williams and Tony & Susan Leigh