Navasota Dinner Theater - October 13, 2012
by Mary Brown

After the play, attendees pose for a group picture just outside the theater.

Mary makes sure everyone is signed in.


On Saturday, October 13, 2012 twenty-four TIHAA members and friends visited the quaint town of Navasota. We first enjoyed the delicious food at Mallett Brother’s Barbeque. There we learned of a new cobbler. This one you might want to add to the ones you are familiar with, it is a pecan cobbler. Joyce, a friend of mine, had it as one of her sides and then took one to go. Gladys Price, playing Bingo, won a free lunch on the bus, so I am sure her lunch tasted just right.

After we were all well fed we went to the sold-out Sunny Furman Theatre where we sat back and relaxed to see “The Odd Couple” (female version).

I believe all were entertained! I was entertained by the audience as well; they would become so tickled at the antics on the stage. Della (hopefully a new TIHAA member) took pictures as the commotion was going on in the play. I hope she got a picture of Jesus Costazuela's (actor Jay Thompson) yellow pants that she will share. I believe everyone could relate to the play’s premises that we all have our differences and some of these could get on others nerves; however, in the end friendship wins out.

Almost ready for the show to begin.

This was a very enjoyable day and it was great to get to share it with TIHAA members: Daryl Moss, Lillie Brown, Sharon Tyler, Deloris Bough, Gladys Price, Bobbie White, Betty Springfield, Rafael & Estella Garcia,

Norma Gann, Carlene Chaney, Esther Ezernack, Vivian Watkins, Mary Brown and two of our new TIHAA members Kelly Allison and Daruth Jones; along with friends Della Duhart, Mildred Grahann, Joyce Davis, Josie Ferek, Cindy Kubeczka, Sylvia Cruz, Audrey & Keith Tompkins and Judy Locke.

Esther Ezernack & Carlene Chaney enjoying the BBQ.

Join us soon on another exciting Day Trip.


These caricatures are right on target!

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