Pasadena Little Theatre - December 2, 2017

by Mary Brown

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, the TIHAA took an evening trip to the neighboring town of Pasadena. This group included: Della DuHart, her sister Mary Green (to whom Corall Harrington so graciously gave her ticket to when unable to go due to a death of a loved one) Lola & Joe McMann, Cindy & Tom Croissant, Brenda & Daryl Moss and their friends Bill & Marilyn Ragan, Jean Houston, Deloris Baugh, Kay & Lawson Cook and their friends Pat & Annette Hawkins, Gurrette Roep and her friend Patsy Harris, Mary Brown and her friends Sylvia Cruz, Drew Weaver and Linda Matteson.

This group left Bayland Park with the exception of Drew & Linda, that met up with us at Pepper's Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Upon arrival we were seated at a long table. I saved two seats together at the end of the table for Drew & Linda because they were running late. I was at the opposite end of the table. Everyone was ordering when I looked were Drew and Linda were to sit and I saw an older gentleman seated next to the bus driver. I did not recognize him. So I went to ask if he was at the right table and realizing upon approaching him that he had had a stroke. I did not wish to embarrass him so I asked the waiter to see if she could find out what table he belonged at. You see that night there were several large groups at the restaurant. Sure enough Bob (that was his name according to the bus driver) had sat down with the wrong group, but thanks to our bus driver who helped him with the menu he was able to have his meal delivered to the right table. Senior's helping seniors. I guess we looked like a fun group and he decide to join us. This night we had dessert first. While we were waiting for our food to be brought to the table we sang "Happy Birthday" to Della. I know we were a month early; however, Pepper's will allow you to bring in a cake to celebrate so we all had dessert. If I do say so the chocolate cake was quite good. I also enjoyed my chicken fried steak - It covered the plater. It is a meal you could split or take home the leftovers like I did. Pepper's made sure we were out in time to make the play on time. The theatre was only a few miles away.

Upon arrival at the Pasadena Little Theatre I handed out the tickets for the seating. Maybe I should have underscored Little in the name; however, this was their 62nd year of productions. Before the play started I took a few pictures of the group and there was one man in the audience that keep trying to get in the pictures. Again we are a fun bunch and he just wanted to join us. The theatre grew dark and when the light came up we were in Nick's Emporium with an elderly man, J. D. Morse, inquiring of the proprietor, Nick, if he had a particular watch for his grandson. Nick had all kinds of watches; however, not the kind J. D. needed. You would recognize the spirit of Santa Claus in Nick. Occasionally the lights would flicker and you knew you were to be transported back in time when J. D. had visited the emporium as a youth and missed his chance of true love. All turns out well when J.D. and the true love meet again in the magical empty emporium.

It was a cute play and the actors performed their parts very well. When you go to a community theatre you must go with an open mind, for these actors are unpaid and do it because they love the theatre, much like the people that assist with the TIHAA. We do what we do to stay connected to the people we care about. So please stay connected and join us on our next adventure. I know of two people that wanted to join us on this trip because we were such a fun group to be with, but unfortunately for them, they did not know us.

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