Pot Luck Dinner & Bingo - May 28, 2008

     What a wonderful night!  We had a record breaking crowd of approximately 64 members and guests.  The food was great! We had approximately 150 white elephant gifts brought in by the members and guests. Some members brought in unexpected valuable gifts for the Special Bingo, so we ended up playing for 16 gifts instead of 10.    

      Thanks to Tony and Israel for donating three of the Special Bingo gifts.  Together with the unexpected gifts brought in by the members and those bought by the club, I would say we gave away gifts with a total value of at least $360. 

     There are many thanks to be given out to all the board members and wives who helped.  

--Special thanks to my wife Estella for all the work she did on her part plus mine and which to this point is still working with the after event chores of cleaning and putting up some of the things we used. (I pulled the batteries but she keeps going)

--Special thanks to Lynn for recovering and helping bring the event to fruition.  

--Thanks to Estella and Nora for serving the entrée.

--Thank you Susan, Nora and Lynn for the marathon race of getting the gifts to the winners.  Hopefully they’ve recovered by now!

--Thanks to Daryl Moss for all the signs and helping get some the things for the Bingo from our house to TI.

 --Thanks to Israel for the help in making sure everyone signed in, printing the name tags and helping us unload and load some of the things brought for the even.  

--Thanks Tony, Tom and Bob for signing in the members and guests and reissuing the cards for the special Bingo.  

--Thanks to Lawson Cook for being the official photographer for the event. 

--Thanks to Brenda, Marian, Betty Parker and Dorothy Wanza for helping Estella and Nora setup the food and drinks.  

--Thanks again to Lynn and Susan for collecting and arranging the gifts for the Bingo.

--Thanks to Don Stefan for again doing the Bingo Calling.

--Thanks to anyone I may have overlooked.