Spring Event: Pot Luck Dinner and Bingo - April 23, 2009

Our Pot Luck Dinner and Bingo on April 23, 2009 was again very successful. Our overall attendance was 61 members and guests. Everyone appeared to have really enjoyed the evening and all got to win something in the White Elephant Bingo.

The sides brought in by the members and guests were great. We had equal amounts of both Fried and Rotisserie chicken as our main entrée. Unfortunately we ran a little short on the Fried Chicken. A show of hands at our meeting had indicated half the people wanting Fried and half wanting Rotisserie.

We had 46 people stay for the Special Bingo. That is the most we've had stay in the last three years! Winner of the $50 gift card to HEB and also the 12 cup coffee maker was Gayle Steele.

Our overall expenditures were under the amount budgeted at our annual meeting. This includes the main entrée, miscellaneous cost and the Prizes bought by the club. This was possible with the proceeds received from guests and the Special Bingo.

It takes a lot to carry this out and it would not be possible without all the people who helped.
My thanks go out to all who helped especially if I overlooked someone.
Thanks to all the board members, spouses and other members who helped.
A special thanks to my wife Estella for getting all the things together and making sure we had everything needed to have the Dinner and Bingo. I couldn't have done my part without her.
Thanks to Lynn Stefan for handling and following through with all the phone calls and making sure we had a variety of sides to go along our main entrée and getting all the White Elephant gifts in order.
Thanks to Susan Leigh and her sister in law, Ann Gallis for receiving and arranging the Prizes for the Special Bingo plus helping in other areas
Thanks to Estella Garcia, Nora Morales, Betty Parker, Sylvia Slanina, and anybody else I may have overlooked that helped arrange, and maintain the entrées, sides and drinks.
Thanks to Don Stefan for again going unassisted throughout the night in calling and handling the order of the numbered balls for not only the Pot Luck Bingo but also the Special Bingo. We need to get Don a better Bingo Cage that does not leak and has bigger numbers and will spin backwards without losing the numbers! (Those numbers are pretty small!)
Thanks to Israel Morales, Charles Slanina, Daryl Moss and anybody else I may have overlooked, in checking the winning cards.
Thanks to Tony Leigh, his brother in law, John Gallis for signing in the members and guests and tracking the Special Bingo Cards.
Thanks to Lawson Cook & Israel Morales for taking pictures for the e/VIGOR/Website and to preserve the pictorial history of our club.
Thanks to Daryl Moss for the signs and help in getting some of the general items required for the serving of food and drinks, utensils, prizes, etc to the auditorium.
Thanks to board members, Tony & Sue Leigh, Israel & Nora Morales, Daryl & Brenda Moss, Charles and Sylvia Slanina, Don & Lynn Stefan for donating extra prizes for Special Bingo. We were also able to account for two other members that brought in some extra prizes and they were Eugene & Opal Kuykendall and Charlene Chaney. We ended up giving away over 20 prizes. When you consider we had 46 players, it was great odds for winning. Donations were not requested so I want to thank those who did for your unselfish contributions. Especially board members, they all do enough and that is all that is required!

Thanks to all who attended. I hope you had an enjoyable evening,