Spring Event: Pot Luck Dinner and Bingo - April 30, 2010

by Israel Morales

Members and guests line up for all the good food.

There is no doubt that everyone went home happy after enjoying a great evening of eating lots of fried chicken, sausage and a variety of veggies, salads and desserts. To top it off, they played Fun Bingo winning at least two white elephant prizes and "ALL FOR FREE." All this for just being a TIRET member. Then they played some more serious bingo.

Thanks to our servers.

Time to eat!

Betty Dixon was the very first but not the last white elephant prizewinner. There were 130 to 140 white elephant gifts brought by members.

No one left hungry that's for sure. There was plenty of fried and baked chicken plus sausage compliments of the TIRET Club. The sides brought in by the members were excellent and there was a large variety to choose from.

The Potluck Dinner and white Elephant Bingo was free for all members and a great treat for invited guests. For only $2.00 guests ate a great meal and were eligible to win at least two white elephant gifts. That's the deal of the night if not the year. It's hard to understand why more members don't come out and enjoy a free meal and white elephant bingo?

For a donation of only $5.00 members had some extra fun playing Super Bingo for super prizes worth totally $350 to $400. The proceeds from this bingo help defray some but not all the cost of the entrée and prizes. The first part of the Super Bingo was for various appliances and the second part was for the gift cards.

A lucky winner.

Lots of White Elephants.

Winners of the first items were: 1st .Mary Lee Cameron - Shop Vacuum Cleaner; 2nd. Brenda Moss - Non-Stick Grill; 3rd. Deann Thomas - Coffee Maker; 4th. Mary Lee Cameron - Panasonic Phone; 5th. Gladys Price - Hand Vacuum; 6th. Antonia Aguirre - Light Duty Shredder; 7th. Antonia Aguirre - Surgical Stainless Steel Knives; 8th. Bobby White - Coffee Maker; 9th. Sharon Tyler - Starbucks Coffee Pot and 10th. Bobby White - Heater Fan .

The Super Bingo for gift cards followed and the amount and winners were: $25.00 won by Deloris Baugh; $25.00 won by Israel Zamora; $30.00 won by Bobbie White and $50.00 won by Sandy Zamora.

While the white elephant gifts were brought in by the club members and the main entree and Super Bingo prizes were bought by the club, a well deserved special thanks is in order to Ralph and Estella Garcia who went all out on this event. They laid out the plan for this great evening and delegated important jobs to other board members to make the evening run as smooth as possible. Much of the equipment used to keep the food and coffee hot and the drinks cold was their own.

Let's play Bingo!


The club officers are indeed dedicated to making this club the best it can be, and are delighted when the members respond with their attendance at the meetings and special events such as the club's Pot Luck Dinner & Bingo Event.