Spring Event: Snacks & Bingo - April 28, 2011

by Israel Morales

As everyone finishes up their snacks, Ralph Garcia gets everyone prepared for the Bingo.

Once again TIRET members and guests were treated to a great Spring Event Evening at the Stafford TI Auditorium on April 28 . Instead of the previous Pot Luck & Bingo Events, a new look called “Snack & Play Bingo” was implemented to enable the Event to begin earlier and smoother.

Lots of delicious snacks.
The aim was to make it a more relaxing night for all the ladies who attended. In previous events a covered dish was brought in by the attendee to serve at least six people. The new look required no entree, no sides to bring, no take home bowls to clean. Just snack and play and have a great day.

For only $3 per member, spouse or invited guest, there was much to appreciate. Tables of assorted fruits, vegetables, chips, cheeses, cookies and crackers plus coffee, flavored creamers, tea and water were available all evening while retirees played Bingo.

The Event started at 6:30 pm as members and guests signed in and paid their $3. They also had the option to join in and play SUPER BINGO for a $5 donation per card and for a chance to win one or more of the super bingo prizes.

After helping themselves to drinks and snacks, the attendees picked their table seats and enjoyed the comradeship of their friends. Behind them on several tables were the White Elephant Gifts that members themselves brought to used as prizes. A bingo card was given to each attendee and the bingo for the white elephant gifts was on.

Lynn and Donald Stefan joined us from their home in The Woodlands saying that there was no way they would miss this yearly event. Good thing they attended. Don, again, was the Bingo Caller as he has been for several years.

So many white elephants!

With so much laughter, and expressions of approval or disappointment every time a number was called you could tell how just much the attendees were into the game.

Lucy, Israel, Ralph, Kay and Jeanne get everyone signed in and ready for the snacks & bingo.

Everyone was a winner of one or more white elephant bingo gifts. Many of these gifts were actually good gifts. Some were so, so and some were funny and real surprises. The only question was who was going to win next and what kind of gift they would win.

Now the free bingo came to one more prize. A more valuable gift was up for grabs - this game was for a $50.00 gift card. It was won by Deloris Baugh.

After that $50 win, the attendees knew that the fun and excitement of the big prizes was yet to come with the SUPER BINGO.

The sight of all of the prizes on the table made the guests wish they had their favorite good luck charms, rabbit’s foot, four leaf clovers, a cross, a prayer, rubbing the bingo card, or whatever worked. There was a noticeable silence and calm among the guests as they concentrated on their bingo cards and listened intently to every one of Don Stefan’s bingo number calls.

Super Bingo prizes tempted players.

These Super Bingo prizes were either purchased by the club or donated by members. We would like to thank Patsy Seay and Daryl & Brenda Moss for their generous donations.

The winners of the SUPER BINGO prizes were: Glenda Winton - First Door Prize of a night for two at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with breakfast; Deloris Baugh - $50.00 gift card; Israel Morales - coffee maker; Nora Morales - Waffle Maker; Mary Lee Cameron - Coffee Maker; Howard Cameron - $30.00 gift card; Bobbie Jean White - Blood Pressure Machine; Alva Espinoza - $25.00 Gift Card; Alva Espinoza -Crock Pot; Glenda Winton - Workshop Drill; Veronica Flores - Rossiter; Veronica Flores - $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card; Gladys Price - $25.00 gift card; Beverly Clayton - Toaster Oven; Sonja Geisselbrecht -Table Top Grill; Sandy Zamora - MP Player; Daryl Moss - Second Door prize of one night for two at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with breakfast.

Kudos go to Ralph and Estella Garcia who again put on a great show for the entertainment of our fellow TIRET members.


Don Stefan calls the Bingo with assistance from his elves.

Here are all our big winners for the night.

Ralph Garcia presents Delores Baugh a $50 gift card - first time done for White Elephant Bingo.

Glenda Winton - 1st Door prize for one night for two at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with breakfast.

Israel & Nora Morales - Waffle maker.

Mary Lee Cameron - 10-cup Coffee Maker.

Bobbie White - Blood Pressure Monitor.

Alva Espinoza - $25 Gift Card.

Glenda Winton - Cordless Drill & Flashlight.

Veronica Flores - Roasting Pan & Rack.

Alva Espinoza - Crock Pot.

Gladys Price - $25 Gift Card.

Beverly Cayton - Toaster Oven.

Israel & Nora Morales - 12-cup Coffee Maker.

Sandy Zamora - 8GB Media Player.

Sonja Geisselbrecht - Table Top BBQ Grill.

Mary Lee Cameron - $30 Gift Card to Pappas Restaurants.

Veronica Flores - $50 Gift Card, Grand Prize for Special Bingo.

Daryl Moss - 2nd Door Prize of one night for two at the Crown Plaza Hotel with breakfast.

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