Senior Expo - October 12, 2016

by Daryl Moss

The second annual Senior Expo 2016, promoted as free, fun and educational, was well attended by many familiar faces from TIHAA. It was the first time for many of us. Upon entering the Stafford Centre, we saw many booths lining the entry hallway, and many, many more (over 67 advertised in total) filling the large rooms to the side.

The local businesses covered health, wealth, transportation, fitness, housing, insurance, retirement, entertainment, sports, and more. An amount of freebies on the tables was huge, including cloth tote bags, inscribed pens and notepads, candy, and stacks of printed literature. Everyone had plenty to take home.

The free continental breakfast - doughnuts, cookies, coffee - was self-served in two rooms (far left and far right) along the back. For those that stayed for the free hot lunch [800 meals were ordered/catered from Off the Vine Bistro], it consisted of a roll, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes with chives, large ravioli in sauce and a chicken breast, with tea or coffee for drinks. Tasty and satisfying.

The informational seminars were held in a large, upfront room near the entrance. Typically 35 - 55 were in attendance for the presentations, but the room held 100 chairs. Each guest speaker(s) had to rely on their printed sheets or notes, since the projector was not working. Five speakers were scheduled, beginning at 9:15, with 15 minute intermissions between each, so it was impractical to attend all the seminars if one wanted to visit (read and pick up literature) and talk to the owners, employees, or service representatives behind the tables.

Speakers in 2016:

1. Andrew Kulha, Kulha Law, LLC

Texas Estate Planning: A Plan for your Family's Future

2. Gail Peacock, Overture Sugar Land

Reinventing Retirement, Lifestyle and You

3. Sondra Ford/Michael Wilhelm/Nikki Ellios, Trusted Senior Specialists

Medicareing, Advocating, Creating Solutions

4. Dr. Vandana Khera, Methodist Hospital Sugar Land

What Older Adults should know about Health & Wellness

5. Tarek Fakhouri, Advanced Dermatology

Basics of Skin Cancer, Prevention & Treatment

Gail Peacock's seminar was very informative on the 5 senior housing options: active living; independent living; assisted living; memory care (for Alzheimers or dementia); nursing home (skilled nursing), She said considering baby boomer aging, about 10,000 per day are turning 55 or older.

Many thanks to the Fort Bend Star and Overture Sugar Land for organizing and underwriting this excellent Senior Expo, kudos to all sponsors.

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