Shiner, Texas - Spoetzl Brewery and Saints Cyril Catholic Church - May 27, 2009
-Charles & Sylvia Slanina

On Wednesday May 27th, seventeen TI Retirees and guests rode the Harris County bus to Shiner, Texas. First stop was Saint Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, which was absolutely beautiful.

Next stop was The Edwin Wolters Museum where we saw displays including guns, furniture, utensils, natural history and memorabilia of early Shiner history - even a jail.

Then it was time for lunch, which was a home-cooked buffet at the Country Corner Cafe. Everyone seemed to get plenty to eat. Afterwards, our tour guide rode us through Shiner's 60-acre City park, which had a creek running through it and kids fishing. It was a real nice place for families to have a picnic.

Finally we finished up with a tour of the Spoetzl Brewery. Everyone enjoyed the samples of Shiner Beer. Our tour of the brewery was a little crowded with all those young college kids touring, but it was manageable. Seeing the process and the huge copper tanks was interesting to all. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside the brewery.

Our last stop on the way home was at Janak's Meat Market where we sampled dry sausage, home made jelly and crackers. Some bought goodies to take home.

We had a drawing on the way home. Nora and Tony won Spoetzl koozies and Mary Lee won the Key-to-the-Brewery key chain. Everyone got "100 Years" commemorative coasters from the Shiner Brewery.

We hope that you will join us soon on another great Day Trip.

Attendees were: Ralph & Estella Garcia, Israel & Nora Morales, Roger & Sandra Coughran, Mary Lee & Howard Cameron, Tony & Susan Leigh, Eddie & Gwen Dickey, Mercedes Alva, Marie Kucera, Margaret Slanina and Charles & Sylvia Slanina.