The Texas Opry in Magnolia - February 24, 2007

On February 24, Saturday night, twenty-eight members and nine guests enjoyed a first class country-western show at the Texas Opry Jamboree in Magnolia. The caf meal and live show were both really good and everyone had a fun time. Joel Brewer, the Texas Opry co-owner and onstage MC, exhibited a knack for comedy, which at intermission, he asked TIRET member Tony Amante and his guest Lou Riccadello (who are both slightly bald) where they received their reflective haircuts. After making him remove his western hat, revealing another glowing example of barber work, they said "same place you did." The audience Howled!! Lucky Tony also won one of the several raffle prizes (hand lotion) and Mary Cameron won (box of cookies). The band had two superb vocalists. The backup singers, Evette and Glenda, sang a couple of solos each and one duet. Other songs were performed by veterans Larry Youngblood and Justin Patrick. We witnessed the memorable stage debut of Vannette Thomson. The youngsters billed as the Texas Opry Cloggers performed an interweaving of square dancing and the Scottish River dance. The show was recorded live to DVD, available for sale as a souvenir immediately afterwards. You can see the Texas Opry Jamboree any Saturday night of the year.