TIHAA Trip to San Antonio - December 3, 2018

by Israel Morales

This day trip was a great one! The time to get to San Antonio was seemingly shortened by Mary Brown's clever way of entertaining us - bingo games. Once we arrived at the Toyota Plant, our curiosity and interest of how an automobile is put together was answered. Here, we saw how every piece that you see on your car was actually assembled. We were guided through the entire plant. We saw a plane and bare auto chassis become a finished automobile product. The workers would wave at us while performing their duties as they installed the item they were responsible for.

Next was a stop at Mama Margie's Mexican Cafe. The food was very goo. I will never forget the delicious Mexican food served. I can say I'm a good judge of Tex-Mex cuisine - I've eaten Tex-Mex food for almost 80 years.

The last stop was at San Jose Mission, built by the Spanish in the 1700's. I've visited there before and it still impresses me. If you visit San Antonio, you've got to visit all the missions to appreciate the history and culture that the Spanish and American Natives cultivated before Anglos appeared in Texas.

I give this trip a big 10.

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