Vicki Lawrence in Galveston - August 10, 2014

by Mary Brown

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, the TIHAA sponsored a trip to see Vicki Lawrence in Galveston at the Grand 1894 Opera House. We had a great group that participated. There were twenty in all: Della DuHart, Diane Murray, Lori Heustess, Hilda Nanez and her mother, Elida Gonzales, Howard and Mary Lee Cameron along with her daughter Judy Pastika and her friend Carla Kueck, Brenda Moss and her friend Milly Bergman, Mary Brown and her aunts, Irene Hammons and Deana Ward, along with other friends, Marion and Bill Anderau, Sylvia Cruz, Drew Weaver, Linda Matteson and Nancy Pulido.

Our first stop of the trip was the Mosquito Café. This is a very unique family owned restaurant. When I made the reservations they had us pre-order since they are such an islander favorite and Sunday is a very busy time for them. The food was delicious and we had terrific service and a room of our own. I think we left a few regulars puzzled as we passed them by, because they were standing in line all the way out on the sidewalk. Due to the great service we were able go to the La King Confectionary shop on the Strand. All were delighted with the surprise. I believe if the trip had ended there all would have been happy because what is not to love about chocolate.

Our next stop was the Grand 1894 Opera House to see Vicki Lawrence. I was glad that everyone on the trip knew who she was. I had the flyer for the trip on my desk at work and most of the young engineers had no clue who she is or what she does. Don't think this made me feel old, it just made me feel sorry for them. Vicki opened her show as herself and talked about how she got her start in show business, along with the many memories of being on the Carol Burnett Show. She shared these stories in her comedic style. She had us laughing so hard we were in tears. During this part of the show she sang her one hit wonder "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" written by her ex-husband. There was a brief intermission and she came back as Mama. She said she loved playing Mama because she could wear those comfortable shoes. Again, Vicki kept us laughing. As we were getting on the bus someone mentioned that it would be nice if Vicki would come out and say good-bye to us like the entertainers do in Branson, MO. And just like that this lady appeared on the bus. No, it was not Vicki but it was the owner of the Mosquito Café wanting to thank us for having lunch at their cafe.

What a great time in Galveston!!

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