Santa's Wonderland at College Station - December 16, 2013

by Mary Brown

There is nothing like a cold crisp evening in December to go and look at the lights of the Season. And December 16th turned out to be just that type of evening when the TIHAA went to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station. A mixture of alumni, friends and family gave us a full bus for this trip. Those on board were: Diane Murray, Gwendolyn Dickey, Fermina and Tom Sutter, Patricia and Richard Collier, Tony and Susan Leigh, Norma Gann and her friend Sharon Tyler, Mary Brown, Daryl and Brenda Moss with their friends Milly and Jake Bergman, Israel and Nora Morales along with their friend Dora Mireles, Jean Houston, Howard and Mary Lee Cameron, George Wolf, Bernadine Dennis, Delma Cotton, Gurrette Roep with her two sisters, Rolly and Belen DeMaza and Lucy Salas, Bea Moreno and a friend. We were delighted when Bill and Mary Young were able to meet us at Santa’s Wonderland.

We started by having dinner at the Wrangler Steak House in Navasota, Texas. The food was very good. Gurrette won a free meal. Then we were headed down HWY 6 to look at the lights. I heard a few people murmur in disbelief at the number of cars in line to see the lights. Then there was a sigh of relief when the bus bypassed the cars and the gates were opened for us. We were mesmerized by the number of lights and the beautiful scenes they depicted. After going through the lights we stopped off at the shops there on the premises. An hour seamed such a short time to have to shop; however, it looked like most of the riders took advantage of their time. I believe if I could have distracted Daryl for a few minutes Brenda’s bag would have been a little heavier on the way home. Lucy lost her purchase for a short while. Luckily it was right where she had put it down. If you were not a shopper there was a band playing that would have made you want to dance by the bond fire? We ended the evening by driving through the light display one last time before we said good-bye to Santa’s Wonderland.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!! Hope to see you on some of trips in 2014!

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