The Vigor is a newsletter published by The TIHAA for the benefit of the membership. The bi-monthly issues are published for Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sep and Oct/Nov of each year. A copy is mailed to each clubmember's home address or email address.

However, with the high cost of postage and in an effort to hold down our membership fee to only $10 per year, we are encouraging those with DSL or Cable internet connections to subscribe to the eVigor, which is emailed to you as an attachment that can be viewed on your computer or printed on your printer.

The eVigor is a C O L O R version of the black-and-white Vigor that is mailed.

If you have never belonged to the TIHAA but are an ex-Ti'er or current TI employee and would like a complimentary issue mailed to you, call us at 832-551-8025 and leave a message.

If you have personal news to report for inclusion in the next issue of the Vigor, contact us at TIHAA Vigor News using this link.

If you would like to use a form for submission of your story, click HERE for a form that you can download and save to your computer, edit with your information, then attached to an email to TIHAA for inclusion in the next issue of the Vigor.